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As a promise, ARCTiC NECK COOLER used experience

By prezmo | prezmo | 23 Aug 2020


Arctic Neck Cooler
The package came in slightly beaten up condition.
No bubble wrap inside of the package.


I know you are eager to know this gadget does its job right or not? 
Does It cool down your body as you wish or not? 
The short answer is probably it will not help you much in the outside, under the Sun, but inside the office, shopping store, mall, post office, etc, etc,. it might help you out.   

 Do I recommend it:   NO. 
Reason:   It cannot withstand Mother Nature's furious heatwave.
 This product is not for outside, IMHO, but inside use such as Office, Store, Mall. If you were easily got hot flash, maybe wearing this gadget helps, but outside it is just not powerful enough. 
Number of blades on the fan: 3
Speed: Three speeds.
For the size, fans are noisy.


Currently, California is under heatwave while I"m testing and writing this post.  Today's Los Angeles area temperature 90 F / 32 C.  I bet the Downtown area temperature is higher.
Manual: Small

Manual of Arctic Neck Cooler

User Manual: Large
Manual of Arctic Neck Cooler
 Arctic Neck cooler Top view     
    This is the main reason I decided to purchase Neck cooler, Refrigeration Technology on the top of Neck Cooler!

Went out to test out this gadget, but soon it turns out a disappointment. When first turned on the Neck Cooler, it felt cool, and I thought I got a good buy, but waiting at the bus stop without any shade, this device is clearly not for outdoor.  Under the strong sun lights and heat, three blades of the fan clearly luck the power of the wind, even it has three settings, and Refrigeration Technology is two edge sword.   When turning it on, it starts to cool down in about 15 seconds, but the cool feeling soon fades away.    The bad news is when the user turns off the Refrigeration Technology, heat remaining in the heatsink comes back to the metal cooling pad and make entire content hot.  This clearly needs a redesign. 

However, not all is lost for Neck Cooler.  In the Air Conditioner environment area, it has its use, and your hands are free.  To escape from the Heat Wave, I run into the Grocery Store to buy drinks, but due to the Colona Virus, it has a long waiting line.  Many customers just hate waiting in the long line, and left,  even so, the line is moving slowly, and I start to feel exhausted in the waiting line with people. 

I remember I'm wearing Neck Cooler and turned on its fan and neck refrigeration, and that did the trick. Soon I felt better. At the outside, my Neck Cooler was just powerless for Mother nature's furious Heat Wave.  However, in the control environment such as this Grocery Store, it did a fairly good job to cool me down and made me feel better.  If you easily got tired or got a hot flash in a crowded place, this may offer a little solution for you, but remember, it has to be already in the Air Conditioned environment first.  The product itself won't have much cooling power at all.

Also if you had long hairs, especially for women, or even men with a beard, this product may not suite you. Hairs may get in the fan and entangled. 

Neck Cooler Warning message

Neck Cooler Charging from PC.  Just taken out from box, but no power at all.

Opening the package; it is from China
Box image of Arctic Neck Cooler

Front of the box looks ok, but side of the box....
No protective bubble wrap was used inside of the package. I was worried inside was damaged or not.(Left)
Suggestion of usage: Cycling, Market selling, Gardening. 
Personally, I do not recommend for outdoor usage.
This product is not powerful enough to cool you down under the hot sun.
side view of Arctic Neck Cooler box  Recommended usage; side of the box





Thumbnail Photo image Credit: murat esibatir from Pexels
murat esibatir from Pexels

A woman holding a fan

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