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Perks Investors Enjoy When They Use Crypto Research Platform, Admantium Finance

By Ivy Samboh | Press Releases | 27 May 2021

During the epoch of the gold boom, thousands ran to purported sites and mines where gold could be found, with their shovels and diggers ready to unearth the gold. The oil boom came and there was a myriad of humans racing to survey for oil wells. Crypto boom is upon us and there are thousands of projects in existence and hundreds being birthed annually to analyze. Smart investors know how to pick out the credible ones and run away from the unscrupulous elements. It is common to hear of fraudulent crypto platforms rearing their heads, seeking funds and disappearing into thin air once they get investors. This is why there is a great need for Admantium Finance's crypto research services.

How Does Admantium Finance Research Desk Help

Admantium Finance is a decentralized ecosystem that offers intriguing crypto research analytical tools for investors. It bridges the gap between founders of crypto startups and potential investors. Due diligence is key for Admantium's Research Desk, as it adopts a macro and micro approach towards analzing the crypto market. This ecosystem finds out more about the crypto startup, the architecture behind it, and above all, the team behind the project. How credible are they? Have they been linked to a fraudulent project in the past? What level of experience do they have? Is their idea revolutionary? These and more questions are asked and analyzed by the topnotch investment analytical tools that Admantium Finance possesses.

Investors who use Admantium's Research Desk have access to incredible blockchain-based projects on different chains at one spot. Everything that an investor needs is on the platform, meaning one does not have to look beyond the platform.

Admantium Finance As A Fundraising Platform

Apart from Admantium Finance being a topnotch research desk, it is also an innovative fundraising platform. Admantium Finance is also working to create a fundraising platform, which will bridge the gap between Investors and Entrepreneurs, and it will ensure the fundraising activity of the start-up is seamless. It will also allow investors to access the right opportunities at the right price. Those that use this will have access to the ad-lock services and other important fundraising functionalities in the ecosystem.

Admantium's Ad-Lock services (Escrow Services)

An escrow benefits both investors and startup founders because it ensures that payment transactions are safely done and backed with high security measures. To ensure that no party is left out of the equation, a list of events and terms are added to the contract. Once those terms and events are triggered, the payments are made. If the crypto project does not meet the initial stipulated terms, they do not access the payments. Tracking of investments is possible for investors, as they know the state of the project right on their device. They can track what is happening and what to expect from the crypto development team. The investor documentation process is seamless and easy.

Benefits That Accrue To Investors

Investors enjoy numerous benefits when they use Admantium Finance's Research Desk, because the latter has incorporated systems to make the process seamless.

  • Multiple layers of Certification for projects

Many crypto projects in their infancy stage exist, but a sizeable number of them may not be credible. Investors have been burnt over and over again by these scams that go out of their way to depict themselves as legitimate. Admantium Finance understands the tricks in the book and hence decided to incorporate multiple layers of certification for projects. Every project listed in the ecosystem will be vetted. The vetting process is a rigorous one handled by experts in the field, ensuring that investors do not fall for fraud. Our research desk is data driven and thrives by making effective utilization and interpretation of information.

  • Investment through a regulatory compliant means

Admantium Finance is a reputable decentralized research desk ecosystem that prides itself on following the rules. Its methods and systems are designed to ensure that investment is done solely via a regulatory compliant means. This will drastically reduce the chances of the ecosystem falling out with the law. 

  • Price stabilization through Ad-Lock services

‘Pump and dump’, is a disastrous event that is rocking the crypto world, leaving a lot of investors angry. People lose their investments in the blink  of an eye because of this. To prevent this scenario from occurring in the ecosystem, Admantium Finance has incorporated ad-lock services. These services have been discussed above.

  • Community curation and feedback

Investors can avail to the opportunity to intimate the community with their thoughts and feedbacks. They are active members of the ecosystem and enjoy the perks that come with that.

Plans For The Future

Apart from being a research desk, Admantium is working on its decentralized fundraising platform which will allow credible crypto startups to have access to funds from vetted investors. This will work seamlessly with the research desk, because Admantium Finance already possesses the analytical tools to pick out credible and highly prospective crypto projects.


The fear of losing funds to fraudsters is scaring off potential investors. Admantium Finance has implemented analytical tools to mitigate cases like the aforementioned.

Take a walk through Admantium research desk.

Our research Desk adopts a macro and a micro approach towards analyzing the crypto market.

How To Reach Admantium Finance

To find more about the awesome features that Admantium Finance is offering, head to

For new and innovative crypto projects, Admantium Finance's IDO is available. To apply for the IDO, head to

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Ivy Samboh
Ivy Samboh

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Press Releases

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