An Introduction to MobilityGuru - An Online Marketplace For The Mobility Community

By Ivy Samboh | Press Releases | 19 May 2021

Did you know that 12% of the entire world’s population are living with some kind of disability? While this is disheartening, there is no specific online marketplace where you can buy or sell used as well as new products, or even services when it comes to a disability, elderly add-ons, and rehabilitation techniques. Throughout existing marketplaces, the product items that are listed for the disabled tend to be grouped under “miscellaneous”. The market itself is very fragmented and often it requires a bit of search on any platform before you get to the items you require. This is also the case for services. This is where MobilityGuru steps into the picture.

The main aim of MobilityGuru is to provide as well as integrate a solution for the entirety of the market, and all of this will be visible within one market platform. There will also be the integration of a transparent as well as a secure transactional system through the aid of cryptocurrencies as well as blockchain technology.

The token itself is based on the ERC20 protocol and is named the MobilityGuru Token.

Through it, a smooth and flexible marketplace can be facilitated across the globe, which would lead to project growth, as well as the attraction of new investors that will facilitate the marketing and launching of the project.

To ensure the transparency and  security of the platform itself, smart contracts will be used in order to facilitate all of the online transactions when it comes to clients across the globe, where the cost of transactions is intended to be the lowest at $0.0025 for most of the transactions that will end up occurring on the network itself. The IEO will generate the funds which are required for the smart chain, and it will be deployed as an integrated part of the currency system.

In order for the security of the network, smart contracts will be used to conduct buying as well as selling operations on the website and this will be done in a safe as well as secured way. Both of the parties can know that all of the transactions are smooth and successfully conducted.

MobilityGuru in this high-level project however there are always challenges in some way that can affect the performance of the platform, and most of these can be resolved through the use of blockchain technology. In other words, MobilityGuru tries to solve the mobility of most people living with a difficulty, through the creation of an online marketplace that is specifically tailored towards them and their specific disabilities or simply elderly or going through rehabilitation. We will streamline processes and work to make transactions affordable through the usage and implementation of blockchain technology, via the introduction of the ERC20-based MobilityGuru token, on a network that will be transparent and secured through the use of smart contracts.

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Ivy Samboh
Ivy Samboh

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Press Releases
Press Releases

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