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BANANO - crypto as it should be

By oceanloader4 | press play on tape | 2 May 2020


So BTC, and ETH, and $INSERT_FAVORITE_SHITCOIN_HERE are around to stay. Find an enthusiast (actually, don't worry about that part, they usually find you) and they'll tell you that cryptocurrencies are:


  • digital gold
  • store of value
  • programmable decentralized finance
  • deflationary custodial asset 



TBH though, that's not really what I use money for, so it's kind of weird to hear a cryptocurrency pitched in those terms. I'd argue there are a few more properties those projects share:


  • intimidating for the general user
  • hard to acquire for the layman
  • slow as balls to transfer (BTC in particular)
  • kinda... stuffy




so what is it?


It's different things to different people. I can say why I like it:


  • there are squillions of BAN. currently you can pick up about 2000 for a dollar.
  • it's used for tipping. as in, you can get some easily for making a funny joke in the discord. you can send a few if somebody made you smille.
  • it's fast to transfer (like crazy fast, pretty much instant - oh, and feeless). if you and a friend have a Kalium wallet, you can tap send and they'll have it within a few seconds. Try that with BTC and get back to me when it arrives.
  • it doesn't take itself too seriously


The last one is a killer feature for me tbh.

I fondly recall grabbing a few hundred thousand DOGE when it was 2 Satoshi, just to have a few hundred thousand of something.

When it rose to 23 SAT a few months later, I was a little surprised, not to mention a bit richer.

(NB: i'm not saying buying some BAN is going to make you rich. Though be honest, that would be pretty funny)


The full feature list is better covered by the official team, who post here pretty regularly and deserve a follow :


cryptocurrencies should be currencies


BTC as an investment asset is fine, if that's your thing.

If letting random people write code that runs in your wallet makes you happy, then ETH is your go-to.

Hell, if you think dentists really need their own currency buy Dentacoin, i'm not your dad.


But you can earn BAN by playing Black Monkey, you can 'mine' BAN while trying to solve medical protein folding problems. And so can everybody else. And to me, cryptocurrency is supposed to be about banking the unbanked, about trying new solutions to and innovating and having fun while doing it. And BAN ticks that box for me.







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press play on tape
press play on tape

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