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By Presearch | Presearch | 15 Aug 2020


After months and weeks of meetings, debates, tests, trials and tribulations, it’s here!

The new Presearch white paper shall now be known as our Vision Paper (VP). We figured that with 2020 off to such a crazy start, we need better 2020 vision as we look to the future. It was published on July 31st, however, we strongly believe this is an amazing read for anyone interested in Presearch and therefore share here today with you on Publish0x.

The VP weighs in at a hefty 65 pages. There’s a lot to this project — with all of our progress to date, and with what’s to come in the future — we didn’t want to skimp on the details just to save a few bits in the cloud.

We hope you find the Vision Paper informative and as exciting as we do! Presearch has a massive opportunity right before us, and this document is a great introduction to the project and a roadmap for how we’re going to realize our potential.

Although it was a lot of work to produce, the process was a real pleasure and great team-building exercise. I must say, we work very well together and there’s a ton of talent in this small group.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the document, specifically Amber, Trey, Tim, Ed, Jeremiasz, Marco, Dave, Corey & Thomas. But also, a huge thank you to all of our supporters, friends, critics and HODLers for their input, inspiration and sometimes patience that’s enabled us to get to this point.

2020 is off to a crazy start, but we can still have a good finish with the right vision.

Without further adieu, please find the New 2020 Presearch Vision Paper:

All the best,

Colin (CEO & Founder of Presearch)

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