Why has Alibaba not integrated Tron (TRX) as a payment system ?

By Blocknews | predictions for 2021 | 3 Jun 2020

With Alibaba being China's answer to Ebay and Amazon why has Jack Ma not implemented Tron as a payment option ?

Jack Ma is China's Jeff Bezos with a considerable but some what smaller fortune of 42.2 billion USD with the success of the Alibaba group of selling

sites one of the biggest being Aliexpress not implemented crypto payments maybe it's because China has had a rocky relationship with crypto how knows?


Why Tron (TRX)

You might be thinking why Tron well it all seemed so bright back at the start of Jan 2018 the coin price was $0.30 and its founder was hotshot Justin Sun

who had just finished his degree at Jack Ma's university. Ma even singled Justin out as one of his top students and pushed talk of Tron adoption by the Alibaba group it all seemed so simple. alot of people thought Tron would be China's golden goose but here we are in 2020 and Tron's price has fallen very very low going from $0.01 and dropping under some days. The biggest problem is the confidence in the Tron community has been just beaten down i was one of them people a year ago but like a lot of people in the Tron space i began to see practices that became red flags. Such as the use of Tron ico money to by bittorrent the talk of alibaba and Jack Ma uptake of this coin has faded the coin seems to have stagnated which is a shame.


Will Alibaba ever have crypto payments ?

It's a tough one but if Alibaba was to incorporate crypto payments. I think it would boost Alibaba into a brand new light beating out it's competitors and

blazing a new trail. Bringing in new customers and confidence to the space we can only wait and watch but i think the days of Tron being the chosen coin are over.



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