Company of a Holy Men.

Company of a Holy Men.

By oodeyaa | Prayer. | 1 May 2019

# <center>Company of A Holy Men</center>


<center>Fellowship With Holy Men,
Wipeout millions of sins.
Speech, touch and conversation,
With Holy Men save us from sins.

It is Holy Men alone,
Who lend sanctity to holy places.
All the Holy places owe their sanctity,
Contact of Holy Men make pious places.

The hermitages of Holy-sages,
Are considered pious places.
They give us quite and calm,
Love and peace in such places.
The glory of saints is so great,
That every inch of space trodden by them is pious and great.</center>

<center>A sonnet written by @oodeyaa</center>

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Hi I am Udai a stock broker in Indian Stock Market, blogger in Steemit, Whaleshares and Honest Cash, a poet and motivational writer.


Prayer. May God helps me, To be free from narrow minded ness. In the operation of my duties, I may do justice and fairness. May I be able to help, The poor, needy and in helped. God may give me.

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