You NEVER Make Your Ascension

By IATIA | Practical Spirituality | 13 Apr 2021

No, no, no! “You” never make your ascension. If you “get it,” you are ascending daily, each momentary and extended karmic cycle. You’re ALIVE. Present as an instance of the One, Life streams through Your alchemically adept Being. Each moment witnesses Beauty complementing divine evolution. Out here on the street, your humanity absent, but apparently hosts a host of Holy Ghost projections. These rejoice as THAT Self realized instance of the One enjoys perceptive Beauty by refuting space-time’s import. Yes, yes, yes! Your Reality Lives NOW as the One’s Presence, in NEVER Land, momentarily making Your ascension after the fashion of NEVER, for, there, NOW Energy Verifies Everything’s Reality. Yes, yes, yes, again! NOTHING is Real because EVERYTHING is Real. Only the One IS! You, like the Mighty One, have never met another man except Victory.

Even so, human life seems to plod on. Yet, one fine day, a seraphim will guide your lifestream to the fiery ascension dais, which will flame your humanity into fully, eternally realizing the immortality that You have been anchoring HERE/NOW in space-time for thousands of years. THAT ascension gold star will signal every footprint you have left upon your involuting, figure-eight flowing sands of time with every emanation of divine virtue You have hosted.

You have been an entertaining master of ceremonies down here in the fallen estate. But, the ascension ritual sets the eternal stage for All consuming Real work. Having found yourSelf fully realized as infinite mystery, Your masterful Presence will get down, as our Motown friends would say. Infinitely serving the One, humble as an Irish scrub woman, you’ll get down to your full-timeless job of facilitating humanity’s evolution. That involves lifting the human species into the infinitely mysterious, broad plenum of the One’s smile that victorious Ones plaster on God’s face. Daily, these spiritual trekkers assume their anchored Selfhood up and down the crystal cord heavenly chute.

As victorious members of the One’s 82nd[1], they parachute in to take command of each cycle’s plenum spread. They purvey instances of Causal Body’s Real estate throughout humanity’s incubator realm. In that theater of operations, in and as the One, they infuse communing attention with divinely opportune parallel universes. Enfolding All, Shiva’s Lively dance enlightens and suffuses the One’s communicants with antahkarana’s limitless delight.

Yes, those ascended and unascended instances of masterful Presence parachute in, but they don’t land with a thud. For, in Reality, victorious aspirants never, ever leave that Promised NEVER Land. Ascending NOW—and I do mean right NOW—Earthly divine servants join ranks with the heavenly parachuting grace dispensers. They amplify the heavenly hosts’ tremendous—even tremulous—job of invoking THAT as a heart gladdening Mona Lisa smile upon Earth’s populace.

This task is enough to put the fear of God into even supremely masterful, omnipotent Beings charged with the task of judo chopping humanity’s utter diffidence. How to birth Self esteem in sleepy eyed, hypnotized dodos? That is the question for those Who have already chosen to BE. Owing to the prime directive—not interfering with free will—the task of bringing about such smiling Peace for the misguided, lonesome people muddling about upon Earth is a daunting task. It’s mighty hard for the Word to get in edgewise with those who are all but fully hypnotized into plighting their troth to the earth earthy rigmarole.

But, hopefully, most all will eventually become inspired devotees, who will follow in the regeneration when they finally find themselves gasping for Brahma’s breath. Ultimately, Terra will witness a determined bodhisattva closing the gate behind the last of the human dawdlers. (Guru Ma, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, often used to say that she wishes to be that gate closer. Such was her outlandishly obsessed Love for humankind. She saw past their stupid and stupefying peccadillos so thoroughly that she would commandingly fortify them with a fiery Ruby Ray when apprised of their leaving off from their twin flaming divine personality, from the fullness of their Love—God’s Love.)

BE like Ma and like all instances of the One’s mysterious immortality NOW. Don’t desert your Love. Leave your Gobi[2] desert behind. Go BE, instead. Do your utmost foremost; everywhere I AM.

Forsooth, methinks you needn’t wait for the next moment’s bootie nip from the hound of heaven to assume your immortal service. KNOW NOW, You always NEVER make your ascension in Living Truth. For, as you know by now, with the timeless/spaceless NEVER ascension, NOW Energy Verifies Everything’s Reality: absent, but apparent. Yes, yes, yes. Live beyond the afterimages; even beyond Source. For Source and toenails are head over heels lost in Love.

The Way that the mysterious You NEVER makes your ascension by conforming paradox to infinite awareness.

The Truth that the upright You NEVER makes your ascension converts passing fancy to pillars in your temple.

The Life ensconced as the fiery You, Who NEVER makes your ascension, compresses worlds without end into THIS moment’s imaginary, billowing white cloud.

You are NEVER making your ascension right NOW. Yes, yes, yes. Right NOW, infinite mystery is ascending ALL timelessly/spacelessly over you. Right NOW, Your infinite mystery is ascending All timelessly/spacelessly under you.

It’s easy to misconstrue the notion of ascending daily, each momentary cycle, by assuming that some dinky part of you associated with that cycle is what ascends. That is, it’s easy to assume the lie that you are still some lesser bloke who still has to get the rest of you out of maya’s filthy clutches. Don’t bother your petty little self about such trash talk. Pay no mind to that phantom “part” of “you,” that your human consciousness has mistakenly fathomed out of nothing. Stop investing NEVER in stuff that supposedly “has” bad karma, and which supposedly forces “you” to experience dukkha’s pain and to suffer because, as West Side Story’s Riff tells officer Krupke, “I’m depraved on account of I’m deprived.” No you’re not. You’re an afflatus of the Beautiful, compassionate One’s grace bearing, attentive care. Your NEVER Land pot of gold is not sequestered at the end of some rainbow. It’s tucked safe and sound in Your omnipresent Self-esteem.

You do know why All of You NEVER ascends daily, right? Only the One IS. Thus, each of your ascending cycles is plenum. Moreover, THAT plenum pertains only to the beginninglessly, endlessly, evolving universal One BEspeaking its Word, NEVER ascending as joy to the world.

Relate to THAT wholeness like the napkin Mark Prophet used to use to illustrate the impossibility of breaking off some little piece of you to nitpick about concerning ascension. Prophet would pinch the napkin at the center and raise it up. That would simply show the obvious: that when any small part of the napkin ascends, it ALL ascends at once. Don’t let your human perceptions hoodwink you otherwise.

Indeed, THAT cycle of Yours, timelessly ascending this moment, IS the Great Service You came here to render. When You ascend moment by moment, ALL One ascends: the whole shebang and its implacable infinite mystery. So, drum it in. The little “you” never makes your ascension. The Real You NEVER makes your ascension. You ARE already every ascended Being in the entire spiritual Hierarchy. You ARE already lovingly involving Your lifestream in the One’s evolutionary alchemy. You ARE already infinite mystery, ever so grateful for the Great Service of Life streaming instances of divine Love such as the One Great You.

Indeed, all of the lovely grace the heavenly hosts effusively pour out to you proclaims Their enlightened Self interest. You make good on your investiture as Your enlightened Self interest effusively pours out grace to Them, AND MORE. “And greater works shall ye do because I go unto the Father.” Your surrender multiplies all the grace you receive. The pack you carry upon the spiritual Path gets ever more evermore full, yet it buoys you, for in and as the One your burden is light NEVER ascending the whole shebang.


[1] The 82nd Airborne is an elite USA Army parachuting infantry division stationed at Fort Bragg.

[2] The Gobi is an east Asian desert region.

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