Subtlety - Part Ten: I AM THAT I AM

By IATIA | Practical Spirituality | 16 Aug 2021

God’s Name I AM THAT I AM actively produces its own emptiness. THAT first I AM, in league with its re-cognized appearance, is 180-degrees out of phase with THAT presenting second I AM. Thus, as Shiva in the moment, each impelled Real-Image spectrum destructively interferes with and cancels out its echoing phantom “other.” Hence, the One’s Cosmic Mean zero point prevails as the seat of consciousness, enjoying the moment’s Real Image.

God’s Name: Up Close and Personal

Use of the word THAT (all caps) always implies a pair of I AMs surrounding it. Life is up close and personal. It’s also universal. Individual consciousness brings about THAT in consonance with Divine Love’s omnipresent alchemy. God’s Name provides the One a handle for personally grasping its one and only Beauteous plenum. That is, anything perceived births a living Being whose Name smiles the One’s own satisfied possibility upon God’s face—your own.

It’s ALL Happening All at Once

Even if THAT perceived seems to be stock still, realize that only the One IS; and, antahkarana ever grows radiantly. A supposedly still perception is but a viewpoint. THAT which you are perceiving is not only the concentrated shape of the focus you are creating, it is indelibly connected with all else on the planet, the universe, the multiverse. I AM ultimately enjoying infinite viewpoints, ever NEW. Yes, yes, yes. Our divine Mother births every timeless moment in toto, unto the Great unknowing depth of infinite mystery.

Get a Handle on THAT

Like a CB handle, the Name I AM THAT I AM enables consciousness to locate and commune with the ungraspable, to take a dip in space-time illusion, which vaporizes even as its form is Truly known. THAT alchemy of the Name’s embracing I AMs declares Let there be light even as Love’s light imputes THAT through and through.

Do you get THAT? Every moment, your own dearly beloved consciousness is creating out of NOTHING All that IS. Your unique moment’s plenum is second to none. Yes, all those “other” creators “out there” are also instancing viewpoints in and as the One. Yet, we’re ALL churning about in the same One plenum AS THAT plenum. THAT plenum is infinitely handled and infinitely handled I AM THAT I AMs abound. Those I AM THAT I AM handles caress. They proclaim their Lovingly surrendered collapse, even as their Beauty pointedly collapses the One as swooning, unfounded ecstasy.


Worlds without end are not Johnny come latelies. The entirety of their possibilities IS NOW. On the other hand, even the “fully” manifest perceptions you enable Ma to birth through you are scintillating opportunity.

No image is static or standoffish. Only phantoms impose static in the One’s Real waves that are imaging Beauty. The “out there” stuff that seems so hard and fast doesn’t “exist” at all. (Remember I AM THAT I AM’s destructive Shiva interference.) Even so, neither is your conscious insight illusion. It is infinite mystery celebrating THE birth. As Pa hands out formative “cigars,” they invoke Shiva’s fiery light up.

I AM THAT I AM Mystifies Time’s Arrow

I AM THAT I AM singing infinite mystery’s cosmic mean zero point portends instantaneous birth/death alchemy. Shiva’s fat-lady-singing, timeless multiverse satisfies the watching crowd as curtain falls upon an endlessly obstetric stage. Although Shiva’s ending act may seem to go on and on and on, like the finale of a Tchaikovsky symphony, Space/Time’s Real Time doesn’t pass at all. Every cascading image presents but a viewpoint of the One. I AM THAT I AM renders time’s passing passé; for, Your Real Name is the timeless One using “your” regard to enjoy antahkarana’s glow. All those sensations you feel and observe as the One’s imagery seeming to fly by, is but Tinsel Town tripe. Even so, THAT tripe is as True as you can grok it, for only the One IS.

I AM Can Get Lotsa Satisfaction

Every moment you choose to partake I AM THAT I AM resolves Life’s questing, forthright resolve. You gift the One with a Present no other manner obtainable. You’ve made a Real Friend. You can call upon THAT Causal Body Personage to Be in deed as Your victorious Presence in earthy platform, fiery opportunity, airy delving into mysterious tales, and watery, vociferous glee.

Declare Your Independent Name

I AM THAT I AM Lives with You and without “you.” Your Name Lives with Your threefold flaming musketeers defending your faith against grasping phantoms. Your Name Lives without your foibles, your karmic past/present/future masquerade.

I AM is identically equal with THAT victorious opportunity I AM.

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Practical Spirituality
Practical Spirituality

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