Subtlety – Part Seven: What’s in a Name

By IATIA | Practical Spirituality | 20 Jul 2021

D’ja notice? There’s no question mark in that title. So, you see, the what is right there in each “thing” your bring to Life by Naming it: I AM THAT I AM style. The Name IS Life’s quest, the eternal questioning: Who am I NOW? in this instant. The Great Unknowing consorts with mystery to bless consciousness with the capability to cascade answers to Life’s mysterious, beginningless/endless quest.

As poet Maria Rainer Rilke pointed out, the answer to the quest comprises naming stuff. That brings its Name—an instance of the entirety of mystery’s immanent form—into the finite realm as infinite re-cognition.

Your Burning Fiery Love Consumes You Not

The universal Name I AM THAT I AM came to Moses out of the burning bush that was not consumed. You, too, can burn as a fiery world and be not consumed. In THAT mode, you liken yourSelf to the universal Name. You create your formative world out of NOTHING as you alchemically Name yourSelf. In THAT Way, you animate your perceptive world. The alchemical act of Naming creates your appearance world even as it simultaneously destroys it; all THAT timeless while, you are treasuring your remains of the day in your night side Causal Body.

Don’t Get Indigestion

Of course, you’re not supposed to consume—attach yourself to—your imagery like those dummkopfs in Eden, who consumed the fruit of the tree that materially purported “other.” Get it, now: The formations you animate with your attentive awareness are, each One, a fiery world…burning, yet consuming neither spacious fuel nor timely illusion. Your Real food—the Fire Of Our Deity—is your united twin flaming fire, not its convulsion generating flashes in the pan.

You Are a Nomenclator Animating Life

In Ted Chiang’s story “Seventy-Two Letters,” he details your animating, alchemical processing. His main character is “Nomenclator,” a person who brings automatons to life by naming them. You, too, bring dead forms to Life by naming them. From apparently random letters—seemingly meaningless, in and of themselves—consciousness pieces together archetypal components to form a particular Living Name resonant with the One’s universal Name I AM THAT I AM.

So, that’s how your day goes, a luscious cascading Word book, each image, each momentary, flickering creature, a living doll, a Beautiful and Beautifying Lover of its Life. Here’s how Chiang describes this alchemy in the beginning of his story, in which Robert creates dolls and animates them with their name. That’s exactly what you do when you perceptively particularize any “thing” in consonance with the infinite One.

“It wasn’t the sculpting that Robert enjoyed; it was mapping out the limits of the name. He liked to see how much variation he could impart to the body before the name could no longer animate it. To save time with the sculpting, he rarely added decorative details; he refined the bodies only as was needed to test the name.

“Another of his dolls walked on four legs. The body was a nice one, a finely detailed porcelain horse, but Robert was more interested in experimenting with its name. This name obeyed commands to start and stop and know enough to avoid obstacles, and Robert tried inserting it into bodies of his own making. But this name had more exacting body requirements, and he was never able to form a clay body it could animate. He formed the legs separately and then attached them to the body, but he wasn’t able to erase the seams fully; the name didn’t recognize the body as a single continuous piece.

“He scrutinized the names themselves looking for some simple substitutions that might distinguish two-leggedness from four-leggedness, or make the body obey simple commands. But the names looked entirely different; on each scrap of parchment were inscribed seventy-two tiny Hebrew letters, arranged in twelve rows of six, and so far as he could tell the order of the letters was utterly random.”[1]

(The Chiang story is 53 pages long. So, you can imagine how deeply he explores this alchemical processing, which consciousness momentarily undertakes.) Note how the letters being utterly random alludes to conscious spontaneity as Life’s keynote. Further, the randomness implies that meaning only “resides” in infinite mystery.

Naming Partakes of the Comfort Flame

Naming accomplishes an alchemical ambiance that puts you league with the Comfort Flame. Just reflect upon how satisfied you feel when someone supplies answers to “What kind of tree or dog or insect or flower is that? What’s that mountain peak over there called? Hi. I’m so-and-so. What’s your name?”

This comfort doesn’t just derive from an intellectual need to categorize things. At root, it is the Living Presence of the ascension flame expanding consciousness by completing an alchemical appearance I AM THAT I AM.

In a foreign country, midst a foreign language and customs, we feel “at sea,” at a loss for the secure feeling of belonging. Once we can name things and we can speak the language, we feel like we now fit in. Thus, archetypal naming is akin to outwardly realizing our inward union of twin flames. Via I AM THAT I AM Naming, we come to terms with our inner creation of the perceptive world we experience NOW.

Although, archetypally, a rose by any other name smells the same, every “rose” you create is a unique plenum, whose Name and all of its attributes are this moment’s unique, Holy Ghostly presentiment. Cherish each treasure you are sending upstairs as you Name it with your creative embrace of Mystery’s face.



[1] Ted Chiang, Stories of Your Life and Others (New York: Vintage Books, 2002), pp. 147-8.

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