Subtlety - Part Eleven: Discernment

By IATIA | Practical Spirituality | 19 Aug 2021

Discernment meshes a cell with the physical world, concomitantly winnowing the Real from the unreal.[1] You are such a cell. You ARE the discerning One.

Life’s Universal Mesh

Meshing implies two things entirely coming together, yet each retaining their unique nature, such as gears meshing or the interweaving of a design’s threads with a cloth’s background. Similarly, like a Great Silent Watcher, your discernment takes hold of something without deforming it. You KNOW it as yourSelf. This comes about as You assume the object of concern not as phantom form, but as an appendage THAT I AM.

In THAT meshing, your holographic discernment establishes a relationship with every other cell in All. Thus, unlike haughty royalty’s hubris, meshing with infinite mystery’s fabric is akin to illumined compassion; to enlightened Self interest.

Gifting the One “Above” and “Below”

Gifting discernment “Above” enhances antahkarana. Gifting discernment “below” recognizes holographic alchemy rendering I AM THAT I AM universally available, not just as out-of-the-blue epiphany but to any possibility you wish to examine.

Perfecting Your Perspective Grammar

Discerning the One’s Tai Chi radiance gifts quote marks to the Word as its agent finger points “above” and “below.” The divinely discerning mode of consciousness also gifts a cap “W” to your Way of Life. Perfecting your perspective grammar signals that your discerning clarity has evicted clumsy-bumbling phrasing from your divine correspondence.

Impressionist Omnipresence

As the impressionists noticed, discernment attunes you to the omnipresent One concentrating pinpointed, attentive drops, each of which opens upon oceanic Presence.

A drop meshing as ocean may be a hackneyed allusion, but discerning Ones can still use it to dissolve illusion. Thereby, their impressionist sparkles partake of the Loving One’s high frequency components. While stupid scientists continue to seek out THE elementary particle, discerning Ones wholly content themselves in infinite mystery, declaring I AM.

Your Meditative Cruise

Thus, discernment, above all, sets the tone for whole hearted, going-about-your-business meditation. A Living definition of meditative awareness may require a lapse into poesy. Yet, actively identifying with Love’s poetical meshing imputes You with a divine distance that is not laid back, aloof or lackadaisical. Nor is it stiff, stilted or spaced out wafting. No, no, no, Your unfounded ecstasy invades every stich of the All You pervade. Indeed, master Morya would have you cruise life’s ruse as a solemn, joyful vessel, free from pushy exigency’s boisterous, wavy lashing.

Paradoxical Meshing from a Distance

Paradoxical meshing from a distance frees you from the sort of numbskull gluttony that stirs you to imbibe a mess of pottage you had better shun. Such sharp-witted discernment deters you from wobbling about with intellectual pickiness when Life is placing Fire Of Our Deity upon your plate.

So BE the discerning Lord of Life supping upon THAT. So BE the discerning devotee surrendering THAT. So BE the discerning mystery gracing THAT. And while you’re at All THAT, BE ALL chalicing Buddha’s belly-laughing paradox.

Discernment Prospers

timeless sacred grace
spaceless sacred cow
Christic sacred opportunity
soulful sacred Art
silent sacred music



[1] THAT winn-owing asserts a win, a victory, while giving the maya of false conception an OWie.

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Practical Spirituality

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