By IATIA | Practical Spirituality | 8 Jun 2021

They say that Jesus the Christ died for our sins. Yes, He carried the cross. He finally accepted His service—willingly, yet fraught with surrender—in the Garden. That divine give and take is said to be Jesus’ passion. Yet, in the greater scheme, He was effecting his personal acceptance of the One’s passion. Every moment involutes in you the alchemical offer to which your humanity cries, “Take this cup from me,” even as Your Reality asserts, “Nevertheless, not my will, but thine be done.”

I suppose the same angelic Presence that implored Jesus to surrender humanity’s ego on our behalf also overshadowed Oliver Hardy’s film script writer for the famous line: “Well, that’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into.” Our Stan Laurel ego never seems to take a moment off. Our own passion is its concomitant rider. It often seems like every which way presents a Middle-Way detour onto a bumpy road. That ego curmudgeon either wants to inordinately raise our taxes to pay off his in-on-the-take road crew for a bit of a smoothing, temporarily soothing, macadam layer, or he outright ignores returning karmic potholes so he can continue his reign over your submissive consciousness as king of the heap.

Just like Hamlet, who knew that the play’s the thing that would expose the king’s misdeeds, Jesus knew that your life play’s the thing that exposes the ego king’s misdeeds. Walking the spiritual Path, we must seriously consider Jesus’ confiding in the Holy Women, “Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me, but weep for yourselves and for your children…for if they do these things in a green tree, what shall be done in the dry?” [1]

Indeed, your greenery shoots up and blooms out of your timeless ground. Fruitlessly attempting to seed THAT in temporal, dry-bones valleys sows momentary Gethsemanes. Digging your attention in on fallen estate turf is not only counterproductive, it accelerates returning karma right along with the newly sown weeds.

This comeuppance assails you every second that you bring to life. That sentence is written correctly. You bring your seconds to life. They don't cascade there as Truthful elements of the natural dispensation. Assuming time's arrowing seconds in lieu of the 5D moment which they usurp enthrones your ego king. You magnetize his armored guards into your meant-to-be Eden. Transformed to Gethsemane, their dukkha laden spears and swords prickle your sensibilities into nature’s momentary demand for your surrender even as dukhka's painful demands cradle your suffering.

Like Jesus, you needn't give in to appalling events as a down-in-the mouth complainer. Rejecting acquiescence to overwhelm, your passion declares in its decisive moment, “Not my will, but thine be done.” Victoriously, your passion takes command. Knowing that dukkha is at hand, you pay the token toll, which opens the Way across light’s bridge. Then your disempowered ego skulks upon a one-step-lowered throne. His guards, beset by lightning-flash vision, declare you to truly be the Son of God. Big doings like that easily blow out the blowhard ego. All THAT, this moment, prevails simply because I AM.

Yes, yes, yes! BE impassioned. Leave your slouch on the fallen-estate couch. Watch and wait with gusto in your up-and-doings. Forestall your scurvy ego king with some limey vitamin C: communion in and as the One. Passionately embrace THAT which levitates beyond all embrasures, as your True palace window opens upon the mysterious One. Enable THAT One About Whom Naught Can Be Said to purport your unchallengeable kingship: your Key to the INcarnation of God. In THAT Self elevating decision, you will passionately find that your White Fire Cross carries You. Suchness is such a deal!



[1] KJV Luke 23:28, 31.

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Earth is a spiritual schoolroom. Its immortal graduates and Cosmic Beings, who nourish evolving life throughout cosmos, tutor all sentience along the spiritual Path. My writing shares my insights into their wisdom.

Practical Spirituality
Practical Spirituality

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