COIN: Pro Tips For Geomining

By WalletPants | Practical Finance | 1 Jul 2022

You're probably already well versed on the basics of geomining in COIN.

Along the way, you may have noticed enticing opportunities in the app that could boost your earnings, but they come with their own sets of nuances. Knowing your way around the app, and creating a strategy that works for you is how you'll have the most fun and bring in the most COIN! We'll focus on a few things that you can incorporate while geomining, so this will not encompass every feature.


So, you have your COIN app set to Auto Explore, then you see this little thingy pop up... ee89752655f4e8b8b4f619c08ca68623cdf0bbfc49dc66aa99cbc5f6b0e275e9.jpg

This is the Witness icon, where you will be offered a chance to provide confirmation data of other users' Big Geomines! Any Big Geomines in your area occurring within a rolling five-minute period will bloop onto your screen, and if you are one of the first 200 to witness one, you'll be rewarded.

Image previewAll you have to do is tap it and you are instantly given your COIN if your fingers are more competitive than the other COIN users!

Hot tip: Opening the Witness menu will halt your Auto Explore feature until you close it! Witness fast and exit the menu quickly to maximize your income.

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One of the easiest ways to go full throttle in your COIN hodl is to press the play button and relax. Either you'll come across an interesting product, or you'll press the mute button and close it after a few seconds. Any part of that process will work for you because you'll get to pocket that COIN while your Auto Collect remains active behind it!

Image preview

Advisory: Do not attempt to activate ads while driving. Driving already allows you to cover and geomine plenty of tiles, meaning your chances for Big Geomines are moderately high!

Geomining Modes


Besides Open Exploration, there are options to encourage your workout, sharpen your mind for fun, or even to set a destination for a Geodrop reward!

Bonus Drops

Your account builds a weekly bonus drop that is charged by geomining, geodropping, and geoclaiming. You will collect this every seven days in a geodrop.

Image preview

Hot tip: Tap a geotile you've already mined to play a minigame and mine it again to grow your bonus faster!


Image previewAre you the competitive type? So are these guys! Tap your COIN balance, then the podium icon to check out the global and local geomining stats. It's fun to see yourself on the board!



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