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By benlakoff | PPC SmartLinks | 11 May 2020

2key SmartLink is here

Are you looking for more traffic to your website, blog, or YouTube Channel?

Have you thought about trying Paid Media - Like Facebook Ads or Google Ads?

Why not try something new...2key is offering $60 000 worth of 2key tokens to reward selected applicants to finance part of their first campaign. Open to all online businesses, NGOs, organizations, retailers, ...

Reward your community (in DAI or 2KEY) for helping spread your message online.

What is a 2Key SmartLink?

This is a PPC competitor in which you pay “the crowd” to help deliver your message, as opposed to Google/Facebook. 

With 2key, you’re able to convert ANY Link/URL (e.g. an article on your site, subscribe to a newsletter, sign up for your courses) into a 2key SmartLink, allowing you to track and incentivize people to share with a Pay-Per-Click model.

It's all governed by smart contracts, so you're able to automatically reward each referrer in a referral chain. Using 2key, you're able to reward your community / people who appreciate you, not indifferent corporations.

Apply Now and try it out.

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PPC SmartLinks
PPC SmartLinks

With, you’re able to convert ANY Link/URL into a 2key SmartLink, allowing you to easily track and incentivize people to share with a Pay-Per-Click model.

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