$ 100,000 crypto art: new record sale for a work of art on blockchain

By Pot Project | Pot News | 30 Oct 2020

For the first time a piece of crypto art was sold for $ 100,000 on the Async Art platform, where programmable art is created, collected and exchanged.

The piece of crypto art can evolve over time, react to its owners or follow a stock price. This is Matt Kane's Right Place & Right Time, a digital work of art that changes every day based on the volatility of bitcoin prices.

Unlike a "classic" digital work, the cryptoart works - always digital files, and therefore, by their nature, can be copied indefinitely without loss of quality - are however inserted into an authentication system managed by software that uses Ethereum blockchain technology and buyers pay in digital currency.


The work of art just made a record sale of $ 100,000, paid for in 262 ethereum cryptocurrencies. The digital artwork changes every day based on the volatility of bitcoin prices. The greater the volatility that day, the more beautiful the abstraction. The work of art is not just a static image, but continues to generate a new one every day as it is composed of 24 levels synchronized with the bitcoin price action of the previous 24 hours.

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