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Beware of BSC-Bank Finance

By Hepatic | Possible Crypto Scams | 6 May 2021

I wanted to write a quick blog about what is looking more and more like a scam.  The website is: is for a company called BSC-Bank Finance. 

They promise high returns on your crypto investment (should be the first red flag) and easy staking/farming as well.  I figured "what the heck" so I tossed 1 CAKE their way and began patiently waiting for that 3 CAKE return in a month or less.  The first 5 minutes were great, clocking my interest every second then it stopped.  I checked and found out I have to do two of three things to get my "free" interest to start again.  I did post to Facebook and Twitter per their instructions then waited and waited....waited....waited.  Days have past and I'm yet to be "verified".  I reached out via Telegram, per the websites suggestion, and basically kept getting "wait your turn" responses.  That is until the chat was marked as a scam and was discontinued!  If you click through their website Telegram logo, it goes nowhere (or at least it goes nowhere for me).  

Anyway, I thought I would bring this to the Crypto communities attention just in case. If you have had a different result with this group, please fell free to comment, I'm really hoping I didn't toss away a CAKE just to see!


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I am in my 20th year as a Biology Professor and former custom car/motorcycle builder.

Possible Crypto Scams
Possible Crypto Scams

I will be posting as I come across possible/likely scams to help the community stay safe

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