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By portugal | portugal | 12 Apr 2020

In Portugal, Easter traditions are evident all over the country. Eggs, Easter rabbits, folares, bread and wine, or the cross, the lamb, as well as all the activity surrounding this time of devotion to Christianity are already customary. Many sweets and delicacies are produced, but this is also a time when people take the opportunity to visit families that are far away, which will not happen this year 2020 due to the restrictions that were placed by the Portuguese Government.


At Easter the houses are cleaned to receive the Easter visit, the Compass, which symbolizes the entry of Jesus Christ into the home, with the blessing of the priest who blesses the house and all who live there. Family members gather in the main room, where the priest gives them the cross to kiss. At the end, everyone sits at the table that usually has almonds, Easter sweets, liqueurs and Port wine to offer to Compasso members.


In Lent, in the time before Easter, it is time for fasting: avoid eating meat on Fridays, out of respect for Jesus Christ who was crucified on a Friday. But Easter Sunday is already a feast and resurrection day, with meat like lamb or lamb going back to, in the image of ancient times.


Among Christians, the week before Easter is Holy Week, beginning on Palm Sunday, which marks Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. It is then tradition to make processions in this day and time, with different types of processions across the country.


It is also popular tradition to offer a gift to godchildren. The godparents and godmothers usually offer a gift to their godchildren , who in turn must deliver an olive branch to the godfather on Palm Sunday or a bouquet of violets to the godmother. This tradition can also extend to other family members and friends who are especially fond of.

Happy Easter for everyone!

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