By ghostm6 | porticofins | 1 May 2019

As of this writing, Masari - - coin is up over three percent at $0.120281 plus

over sixty percent at  0.00002236 Bitcoin according to "coinmarketcap" and the figures are higher

at "digitalcoinprice".


This is not a high ranking coin, somewhere in the sevenhundreds, however, it has appeared stable

in recent months without approaching it's two dollar high from April of last year. 


Given it's nonchalant posture and the many difficulties encountered by mining enthusiasts, this should

be a crypto listing to consider adding to your portfolio if not for stability then for ease of mining. It 

should be noted that recently a Masari wallet for Android was published on Google Play to mixed reviews

yet I suspect there will be improvements made within that platform.  To conclude, if you are looking

to start without investing or mining, you may do so at the faucet - - 

quickly and directly to your wallet. 


Thanks for dropping in on Porticofins. 


(img graph from reddit user wright UI)

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