Market Analysis on November 24nd, 2021

By ZT Global | analysis | 24 Nov 2021




From the data point of view, BTC continues to flow out of CEX, but the price is declining. Obviously, funds are slowly accumulating. However, from the one-hour level, the sun has risen and then the negative fall, which means that it has not risen at present. Desire, if it cannot stand above 58,000 today, it may be a box downward, and the funds may still return to the gamefi. The focus is still on gamefi, once the popularity is too high, it needs to take profit in time.



ZEN previously said that the target is 120, from 85 to 120, nearly 40%, Remember to set a take profit in the short term.



INJ reminder yesterday was 12.7 and today’s 13.7. On Monday, the foundation will announce the specific content of 100 million funds. Once the callback is still a chance to get on, the goal is 15 or more.


Risk Warning

The above analysis is for reference only. Please be cautious when invest as there are risks in the currency market.

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