Market Analysis on November 1st, 2021

By ZT Global | analysis | 1 Nov 2021


BTC from an hour level for the current has begun to gradually, may be a period of time in the future will be more rectangle movement in the vicinity of 60000 points, which could be a part of the money represents the streaming out, yesterday gamefi outbreak could see that money also slowly into the other concepts, including gray level constantly accumulating mana also gave very big gains.


The ETH4 has been trading around the 4-hour 60 moving average as before, and is now back around the 60 moving average again, which is a good opportunity for low bids. The lower risk currencies, including BNB, have more chances than risks to hit the average.


Omg had an airdrop on 12th, and the weekly callback was in place, including the aforementioned CELO, CELR and SOL, all of which had a wave of market after the weekly callback was in place. We can learn from the weekly trend of FTM. Support 13.1 pressure at record high, medium target 20 second target 25.

Risk Warning

The above analysis is for reference only. Please be cautious when invest as there are risks in the currency market.

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ZT exchange is invested by soft bank. it's a global crypto exchange platform aims to provide the best users' experience.

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