The Inspiration Behind Polkadot

By Web3 Foundation | Polkadot | 15 Sep 2020

Gavin Wood has a passion for creating technical solutions for previously unsolvable problems, and delivering them. Following his role as co-founder and former CTO of Ethereum, he moved on to his current project, Polkadot.

In the following video you will hear Gavin talk about what inspired him to develop Substrate, a blockchain framework, and Polkadot, the revolutionary blockchain infrastructure that allows blockchains to communicate and interact, creating the infrastructure of the next generation.

“We have this great new technology that is allowing us to automate one of the very fundamental aspects of an economy, which is trust. Which is this idea that I can have reasonable expectations of what is going to happen without having to trust someone.“

Listen to him explain his motivation in his own words below. 


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