EU Settlement scheme - Why is there no indication of the December 31 deadline being extended yet?

By Effector Dhanushanth | Politik | 5 Dec 2020

So I'm German and got back home from Canada juuuust in time before the bug hit the mainstream. I decided though in the intermittent time that spanned landing at Düsseldorf International Airport and taking this COVID 19 pandemic seriously, to marry a British screenwriter who lives in Sri Lanka.

It is our objective to live in London.

I intended, while I made this plan, to move to; before end 2020; London under the EU Settlement scheme. This scheme requires me to be present in London by 2020 with no exception, giving me/us time till June 30 2021 which would be when the application deadline for the EU Settlement scheme would come into effect.

So long story short, what am I going to do?

I mean I was just a hop stop and jump from receiving my fiancé in Düsseldorf International Airport, marrying the bloke in Hindu grandeur, and skipping along holding hands to London before 31 December?

But... Am I the only one confused, depressed... And aghast? Because I've done hours of research and found that the UK "still expects me to arrive by 31 Dec!??" No extension? But why!?? Am I missing something? Or have the invisibility cloaks really gone out of production?

Not that I'd use one if it were ever available. It would be illegal and I can't be any further from doing anything not ethical, humane or legal.

So this is what I hope this article that I write at 0110 will do: that it would reach some kind soul Official in the fringes of if not deep within the EU Settlement scheme committee; and they would make it clear to us that they do understand this dilemma of mine and would be more than happy to extend the deadline for us to be present in the UK in time to make the EU Settlement scheme application (whose deadline is, at this moment, 30 June). Please reach me on this email: [email protected]

Please help me dear reader. We will make history and make the United Kingdom proud; if you'd kindly assure the rest.

New legislation to extend application deadline for vulnerable EU citizens.

Update: not exactly as this is from well inside October. But it's news for this here position.

"New legislation is to be introduced which could enable vulnerable EU citizens to apply for settled status after the 30 June 2021 deadline, provided that they had a 'reasonable excuse' for not applying timeously. This could include children in care and those who are homeless. We await further detail on exactly who will be able to utilise the extension and what would constitute a reasonable ground for not making an application before deadline expires.",excuse%27%20for%20not%20applying%20timeously.

Really? Am I the only one that's observant of the fact that everyone has forgotten about the 31 Dec deadline? I can live with it being brushed aside as not as imperative as an EU National getting stuck out of their home but this, are you for real right here!?? Why is everyone behaving like I'm the only one experiencing the Mandela effect?


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Effector Dhanushanth
Effector Dhanushanth

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