Avast, Ether hater!

Bad news, Ethereum hater!

By Effector Dhanushanth | Politik | 16 Dec 2020

Overcoming the popularity (hey, it somehow comes down to that) of Ethereum or throwing it out of business is not easy. The development of decentralised applications and the open source products' coordination with each other are some included key robust subscription packages.

Ethereum dominates in its third party services bracket but it's better already; as it's already cleared the way in being a first-mover. 

And there's more bad news for you, Ethereum hater. Take a wild guess: it begins with S. Yes! No?

Well I won't promise you'll never know. To find out more, visit:Sustained by three of some of the key factors that include Security.


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Effector Dhanushanth
Effector Dhanushanth

Dhanushanth is a poet & awarded British television screenwriter. He spends the better part of the day engineering abstract trips. And then when he's done, it's ETA zero.


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