The fake world, we love it.

By Wakeupkitty | Politics | 2 Aug 2019

What is your favourite sport to watch, I was asked. Easy to answer.

I do not watch sport!
1. I do not watch t.v. for over 10 years.
2. My children are not sporty so I am not needed to cheer at them.
3. I do not find sport interesting enough to drive 6 miles to a pup, order expensive drinks to see someone play soccer, tennis, walk, swim or whatever I should like to watch because everyone does. It is not that I do not like sport, it's more that I don't like the sportsman and his (her) fans.

It is years ago I watched boxing.
Once I liked it. It was the only sport I watched with my father, it was always on Sundays. My father was not sportsmanlike, I doubt he ever practiced any sport himself. He just commented every match he saw. That was a nasty habit of him. He did the same with a music program on Saturday " TopPop" and the rest of the days of the week with us.

In those days I still had a t.v. I watched films during soccer matches.
The Catholic broadcasting group understood people who don't like soccer exists. During all those soccer days and nights they broadcasted the BBC detective series. It was relaxing to watch them.

People find it hard to believe I do not watch t.v. I assume because it dominates their lives.


The fact I am not watching the news doesn't mean I do not know what is going on.

The news is fake, videos shown are fake, commercials are fake and politicians are. We are so used to it and act as if it came to a big surprise to us if we find out about the next scam.

Fact is most of us prefer to be blind if it comes to the truth. We are programmed that way from the moment we are born. 

If you have doubts about the system you are negative and unwanted or you should have faith. Faith in the leaders, the law, the teachers, anyone except yourself, your own instinct. 

Now, worldwide, people wonder how it came that far.

Venezuela without power, Belgium with a huge lack of power, the USA is bankrupt since years and so is Greece.

Governments are printing some extra money (the USA, China and EU so I assume more countries do) and they all keeping up appearances, say the economy is doing well. "Buy and spend your money/savings" is the message and they cut off the people from the outside world. "It is for their own good", these leaders say, "they do not know what is best for them, what leader to choose".


"Will there ever be a democracy chosen" was a question asked at

Quess what the outcome was.







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