Afraid to speak out

By Wakeupkitty | Politics | 1 Jul 2019

If you want to start a fight talk about politics (religion or...)


There was a time, not so long ago, you had freedom of vote.

Before the elections, a poster of the politician of your choice was behind your window.

Left or right, you were free to choose and no one better you up for it and politicians did not call you scum because you did not give them your vote.

Times have changed, you better be careful with what you say or think out loud. It is aggression instead of respect we show each other.


No need to make it better as it is.

It is a mess worldwide and our leaders (act, all the cabal) made plans for all of us a long, long time ago.

Let's say about 4-5 generations. You don't know it because it was before you were born and at school, they teach you what is right and wrong, against what to demonstrate and mom and dad know nothing since they are old(fashioned).


Once right was right (and that is the reason we all were forced to write with our right hand). The right is the western world, the good world and God is right as well.

Left is wrong. Left is from the devil and the second world and it is not okay to be a part of the left side. God never liked that and society sees you as a loser.


Next right was where you found the (big) money.

Those hard workers, the ones who made it, and before I forget, those selfish people. Those who do not care about others, the me-first-kind. (Note: if you need money or some aid for... knock on their door.)


Left are the poor bastards, the ones who never learned how to work.

They get paid for showing up or... staying home thanks to the society willing to pay for them (society means that working class, those selfish bastards).


Left took revenge for that, although, ...


Left is no longer what it ones was.

The leaders are some bored, spoiled young adults. Their only job is to kick against society, force their will upon everyone's throat, molest what they see and if it goes wrong a wealthy parent pays for the mess they made. They are great in blaming others for the worldwide history and of course, it is the fault of right. They did it all (read your history). The good news is (social) media is on their side.


Sounds to me history repeats itself.

Left is writing history and will be remembered (again) as the none working class, fighting for the rights of... and damaging the economy.

It all is very confusing. What to vote for next if you dare to vote at all? Or is it still the way it always has been... no matter what or who you vote for the outcome remains the same?

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The things you don't like to hear I might shout out loud here. With annoying or insulting you it has nothing to do. See it as a wake up call, for me most of all. "How easily we forget", said the cat

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