Last Winter

Last Winter

What stood between us?

It's the first time I'm seeing you since last winter; the wind is cold and the sky towers over me.
With my hands in my pockets I make my way to the place we both know. Minutes away and the distance increases with each step. After so many happy moments this ending is hard to accept.

At arms length from the corner and I cannot take another step.

I'm scared to face you.

With a deep breath I turn the corner and see you standing under the bony tree.
In a panic I turn my back, ready to escape.
One step and I heard you call my name.

The look in your eyes just isn't the same.

You tell me that we must go our separate ways.
The sky that felt endless was now at my neck.
Our first in days; Now our last.

Now I understood why.

The few last words you said are the only ones I caught,
" I'm leaving town in a few days. "
With those words I was brought back to this place under the tree.

Where? "
" I cannot say. "

I was puzzled at the news.

" We can go together. No need to end it like this. "
No. We cannot. "

With these last words you turn and walk away.

You pull away the moment my fingertips make contact with your skin.
Running, you  lower your head and your hands clutch the lower sides of your sweater; you disappear with a quick jog around the corner.

I look at the trunk of the tree and notice a light blemish on its trunk. A small carving with a very telling feel.

"I'm so sorry. " Followed along by my name.

I come back to my senses and run after you but I'm greeted by a chilled gust of wind while you are nowhere to be found.
From that day forward I never saw you again.

From time to time I still dream of you before it gets cut short by a sudden chill.



      p.s Do you guys like the new 'format' I'm trying with the Italics / Bold sections? I hope the feelings I wanted to portray came across! ~ 

             What about when I add photos? With Photos or W/Out?

Let me know! :D

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