Her Guardians
My dog Hana

Her Guardians

(Inside an old hotel lobby surrounded by strangers walking in and out)I look around the lobby and just see more and more people walking into the lobby.
A siren goes off and as the crowd panics and run around, trampling the ones too slow and weak to make it out of the building or into a safer spot.
During the panic we were separated. I told her I would never let anything happen to her after what had happened to her older sister.
In the midst of the panic I called out her name only for the screams of others to be my only response. I become desperate and begin to rush my way around the building, calling out her name.
I turn the corner to the second half of the lobby and crash into someone and we both fell over, resulting in my short blackout.
Dizzy from the Impact I force myself back up and notice that the one I had crashed into was a young woman. She was now dead and a bloody mess. The panicked civilians had trampled her to death.
Recalling what I was doing in the first place I begin running once more.
I pass a bathroom and turn the corner again but suddenly I come to a halt. Now that I think about it whenever she was scared, no matter what it could it, be it fireworks or thunder, she would hide in the bathroom. Luckily she still had her stuffed little monster with her. It was about a foot tall and had big eyes and a smile that traveled across his face, ear to ear and little dinosaur spiked running down the top of his head down his back till just below the arms. Each of his other limbs came from past stuffed animals her sister had over the years. The only original thing that was truly hers was the head and the torso. She named it Peter.

(Inside Hotel Bathroom)
I make my way into the women’s bathroom and begin checking the stalls. Near the end I notice a baby blue backpack strap hanging out of the bottom of the last restroom stall. Walking calmly towards the stall I call out her name. I stop when the door slowly starts to open and I see her stuffed monster peeking out of the side of the door and then disappear back into the stall. Shortly after the little monster disappeared she peeks out and sees that I am really there.
‘Daddy’! She screamed out as she ran towards me. I get on one knee as she jumps to hug me. Picking her up I hug her tightly and whisper in her ear. ‘It’s ok dear you’ll be ok’.

(Hotel lobby)
Opening the bathroom door, my daughter in my arms, I slowly peek out the edge of the door into the hall. Many people are dead and bloody on the floor, children not being spared in the carnage.

(Inside Hotel Bathroom)
As I slowly close the door I put her hood up to cover her head and tell her to hide her face and no matter what to not open her eyes. ‘Okay daddy. Will we be ok?’ she asked. ‘Yes, we will be ok. You have nothing to worry about’ I reassure her. With that I opened the door and began my way cautiously into the lobby.

(Hotel Lobby)
Upon fully entering the lobby the image is clearer than ever. Dead bodies everywhere, mangled and bruised. Many of the bodies belong to children that appeared to be between the ages of four and twelve. When I was finally sure that there was no immediate danger in the lobby I began walking towards the front exit.
The siren seems louder than before; maybe it was because I had not noticed it was still going as I was looking for my daughter.
The closer I got to the exit the louder the siren became, flashing red lights flooding the small room that was, before this uproar, a security check point for when any meetings or events of higher importance went on.
Reaching for the front doors handle I immediately stop and decide to look out and be careful onto what could be waiting for us on the other side. Gathering all the courage I hold my daughter closer, take a deep breath, and opened the door.

(Outside Hotel: Heaven’s Gate Hotel)
Outside was not much difference from inside the hotel. Bodies everywhere but they were more than just trampled. They were torn in half, crushed, or smashed against a wall or under an upturned car. Intestines, stomachs, limbs, and blood layered the asphalt and paved it in red.
Upon this horrid view and stomach knotting stench I held my daughters head closer to my neck and told her to remember what I told her and that it’s going to be ok. She is safe with me.
I turn to the left and begin walking down the street. Managing my way over countless corpses I make it to the corner of the street and take a right, making my way home.
With each turn I made the carnage seem to worsen and increase, more and more bodies, fires, and broken glass everywhere.
I hear a loud thump behind us and turn to see what it was. I regret my decision. Behind us at the end of the street was some sort of wolf-like animal. It was huge and was covered in shards of glass and blood, its own mixing in with the blood of those that I am assuming it had torn to shreds with its teeth, the same pearly white fangs, drenched in blood that it was flashing.

Without second thought I turn and begin running looking for a place to hide. Anywhere would be nice. I notice an alley a couple feet away and quickly duck into it and quietly walk down it. A loud howl was heard from the edge of the city. The creature I had seen answered the call in the same manner. It sent chills down my spine and I felt my daughter shake.

(Inside Building: First Floor)
I find an open door near the center of the alley and walk inside and shut the door behind me. In the dark the first thing I bump into is a small plush chair and set her down. On one knee, I lift her chin up and tell her I love her. She starts gently crying and shaking.
‘I’m scared. What’s going on why does it smell like that outside? What going to happen to us?’ she whispers in the midst of sobs while taking occasional deep breaths. ‘It’s nothing you should worry about honey just let daddy take care of it’ I tell her while forcing a smile. I kiss her forehead and tell her to wait there while I look around for things of use. Upon standing up she jumps off the chair and wraps her little arms around my leg and doesn’t let go. ‘No don’t leave. I don’t want to be alone!’ she cries, wiping her tears on my pants leg. Looking down at her I realize how terrified she is. With a small sigh I pick her up and tell her that I won’t leave her alone ever again. Hold on and do not let go of me, I remind her.
With the darkness encasing us I feel around for a light switch on the wall. The dark was unbearable and suffocating to the senses. It was cousin to the pitch black of the night with no moon, terrible all the same. With no windows in this room the darkness was growing more and more, driving into my eyes, stinging me.
The wall was coarse with a plaster that it was made from. I felt the edges of picture frames, paintings, or just something that the owner of the place was proud enough of the frame and hang.
I run into a small side table and knock over something that was accompanied by a shatter or glass. ‘Damn’ I thought in my mind, praying that it wasn’t the lamp that would illuminate this room and consume the darkness with one swift gulp. Walking around it and with the sound of crunching glass under my feet my hope began to dwindle, nearing the point of no hope at all.
I feel a switch on the wall. With a deep breath I closed my eyes, that action itself allied with the darkness, and flick the switch on. The bright light flooded the room and made my eyelids bright with an orange red glow, the blood vessels shown to me with the alliance of the light with my body. I open my eyes and the bright light blinds me for a moment. It passes and with a quick movement I turn and take a look around us. The frames on the wall were displaying family pictures and important documents. There was only one painting. This painting was of the last supper and underneath it on a small table was a bible accompanied by a plush rug.
With my focus now on the floor, it was spotless. The blindingly white carpet reached every corner of the room.
With my attention finally away from the world around me I realize that this room would be completely barren if not for the frames and tables, nothing of use.
I hear a whisper in my ear and change my daughter’s position in my arms so I can clearly see and hear her. ‘The room is really pretty. I like the white carpet’ she said through sniffles and a worried smile. ‘Yes it is isn’t it? Would you like your room to have this kind of carpet when we get back home?’ I ask her with a forced but lenient smile. ‘Yes, I would love to have this pretty carpet in my room!’ she cried out with a beautiful smile on her face. I kiss her on the cheek and she does it to me as well.
‘Let’s go so we can continue looking for something that will help daddy get us out of here and back home’ I whisper to her as i head over the stairs that were located at the back corner of the room.

(Inside Building: Second Floor)
Walking up the stairs they were as spotless as the carpet of the first floor. Made from a fine plum dyed wood I could feel their sturdiness and hear the slight noise my shoes made as I walk up. At the end of the staircase there is another door with many others beside it along the small hallway. Checking all the doors more than half are locked shut. Some of the doors were dead silent and the others with slight noises on the other side. Knocking on these doors that had the small amounts of hushed sound would bring them to complete silence.
I set my daughter down and on the last door I knock and with that the whispering stopped. ‘Is there anyone there that can help us? My daughter and I need some supplies to make our way back home. Any supplies will be of help, water and some sort of weapon would be appreciated. Please’
All I am greeted with is silence, no hint of movement on the other side. With my daughter holding tightly on my pant leg she tries to help. ‘Please can you help us?’ she calls out. ‘Please and thank you’ she adds. I place my hand on her head and whisper my thanks.
With that the silence is broken with the hush debate of whether trusting us and allowing us in or leaving us to our own devices. The hush debate stops. Minutes later I hear footsteps nearing the door with a careful attitude. I hold her close as she wraps her arms around my leg. A voice tells me to step back to the other wall and to not take a step close to the door. We obey and move as far back as possible. The door swings open and I am face to face with an elderly couple. One with an old backpack stuffed with what they seemed fit as supplies and a small paper bag in the other hand and the man with a shotgun pointed straight at me. This old man appeared terrified but aware at the situation. My daughter held on tighter and hid her face in my pant leg.
‘Thank you so much’ I tell them as I attempt to close the gap between up with my hand outreached with a handshake motion. The old man makes a small warning noise and lifts the shotgun farther up and in position to deliver one deadly blow to my torso and head. I step back, frozen and let my arm drop slowly.
The man whispers something to the elderly woman. The woman nods and sets down the backpack and a handgun next to the door opening. ‘Good luck’ says the old woman as they shut the door, not breaking eye contact with me.
I pat my daughters back to let her know that it’s ok now she can let go. Walking over to the backpack she is still holding onto my pant leg with her hand. I take the gun and clip the case onto my belt then reach down and check what was inside the bag.
Inside there was a generous amount of water bottles, two boxes of ammunition for the handgun, and a sharp army knife with a clip, as well. ‘Thank you’ I whisper to myself as I put the backpack on and place the knife’s clip next to the gun on my belt. The little brown bag was filled with snacks and food for my daughter. I take a little slice of one of the sandwiches and give it to her. She gobbles it up and I open of the water bottles and we both take a drink, the water was ice cold. I place the bag inside her backpack and get her monster from her and place it in there too with the head sticking out. ‘So he can look out for us too, right?’ she wonders out loud. ‘Yes, so he can look out for us too. We will both keep you safe’ I smile to her and tickle her gently. She lets out a sweet laugh and hugs me.
I stand and hold her hand, making our way through abandoned doors in search for shelter for the night. After many I finally find one that has its windows boarded up.

(Inside Building: Second Floor, Room 2D)
I lock the door behind us and turn on the lights. With a flick of the switch the darkness was gone and we were greeted by a messy apartment. We set our bags down on the sofa that was adjacent to the door. She sits and turns on the television, changing it to her cartoons. I lower the volume to let her know not to make any loud noises. She doesn’t react to it and just keeps her eyes glued to the television, but I know she got the message. I open our bags and pick up a few water bottles and the little bag lunch the woman gave to us. I walk towards the kitchen in search for any food I can cook or more water to drink. Opening the fridge I place the bag in it and place the water bottles in the freezer.
The fridge was half full with vegetables, fruits, and refreshments. I take out two cans of soda and place them on the table with the spaghetti sauce and noodles I found in the pantry next to the fridge. I walk back to the living room and sit next to her.
‘Does spaghetti sound good to you?’ I ask her and she lets out an excited ‘Yes! Spaghetti is my favorite’. I let out a small kind hearted laugh and head back to the kitchen. ‘It’ll be done in a little bit, ok?’ I call out to her. ‘Ok, daddy’ she replied, still stuck on the cartoons.
Finishing with the spaghetti the smell fills the air and with that I hear tiny footsteps heading over to me. She ran right to the table and sat Peter down then herself to the chair next to herself. I serve us both a generous amount and open our sodas. We begin eating and till we felt content. I had three sodas and even with her constant begging she ended up only getting one soda and a tall glass of ice water.
After our meal I let her watch a little more television and then tell her it’s time to sleep. I pick her and our two bags up and set her down on the bed that was in the child’s room and set the bag next to her bed. I walk back out and fill up two other glasses of ice water, make sure the door is locked tightly with a shelf in front of it, and walk back to the room. I set the glasses down on the bedside table and sit next to her.
She tells me she can’t sleep and if I could tell her a bedtime story. ‘Do you promise to go to sleep if I tell you a story?’ I ask her. Happily she replied ‘Yes, I promise so come on tell me a story.’ After a little sigh and a minute of thinking I look to her and tell her to lie down and get comfortable. She does and I take a deep breath and start the story with a cliché.
‘Once upon a time….’

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