Tell me I'm dreaming. My body just doesn't feel the same and my chest feels tight.
I fell up towards the sky as the gravity changed.
I tried repeatedly to grab on to the trees, then the street lights, but to no avail.
I finally accepted what was happening.


I fell for hours and in the end I had reached a sister planet.
There I awoke on a field of violet colored grass. The trees contorted and twisted, full of leaves with a strange turquoise hue. My eyes followed the thickest branch and I notice a rope. At the end of it there was a swing and a top of that swing was you.


You did not look like any extraterrestrial being; you looked just like me, with the difference of your eyes, sharing the same color as the trees leaves.

Another traveler just like myself I wondered?

I stood and with a step I introduced myself and asked for you name. Your lips moved all the while but I could not hear your voice. I approached you and got as far as a few feet to the tree and you began to fade away. I ran the last few feet and just before you disappeared completely I felt your hand. For just a second it delayed the inevitable and we locked eyes;
you still disappeared.

I sat on the swing I met you on and I heard a faint, tender voice that said,"My name is Sam, nice to meet you"."No, don't get to close ! I don't want to fade away!"The air went quiet once again and only the grass swaying and the rustle of the dancing leaves in the wind were left.

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I believe that we are what we are in fault of our surrounding information and accrued knowledge. Everything I post is in hopes of expanding others imagination and perspective of life around them. (Will be updated..regularly?)


Poetry and short stories I have written and will write pertaining to events that are commonplace for us, such as emotions and events. All and all just a Blog to share and, hopefully, inspire.

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