To See Or Not To See

By Lucid Vibrations | Poetry & SPELLing | 15 Jun 2023

I see a sea, of misery, disguised as, pleasantry!
The kind hard to distinguish!
When people beLIEve their own lie’s and worship misery, ultimately, unknowingly or knowingly!

Smiles of false hope!
Tales of the rope!

Consuming, what cannot cope, subconsciously!
Unable to, fast mentally!
Not too fast internally essentially especially!

At ones own pace, indeed...
Or at Warp Speed!
The unwise, seed!

The one leading to more of what we have now.
The one based in greed and false needs!
For the one's who cannot live in the - in - between!

The one’s who cannot or choose not to see, for a fee, appear to be, friendly!



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Lucid Vibrations
Lucid Vibrations

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Poetry & SPELLing
Poetry & SPELLing

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