The Day THEY Went Away - SPELLing - The Ultimate Experience - Feeling

The Day THEY Went Away - SPELLing - The Ultimate Experience - Feeling

By Lucid Vibrations | Poetry & SPELLing | 26 Oct 2020



The moment we ALL felt it in our hearts!

The ultimate satisfaction type of feeling with the most gentle soft kiss.
That feeling of bliss words miss.

The sensation of first love type.
Like finding lost family you did not even know existed.
Excited like Bill Gates experiencing what he has directed at you and me, times three!
Like handcuffs and Hilary!
Like seeing pedophiles thrown into the SEA!
Like Witnessing, all tyrants disintegrating!
Like the feeling of having wings!
Like floating forever infinite abyss love sea!

Oh, what a feeling! To finally be set free!

It certainly was the best day ever known to existence.
Written down as such.
For ALL to remember and talk about forever...

To reminisce, the ultimate-experience!

Lucid Vibrations
Lucid Vibrations

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Poetry & SPELLing
Poetry & SPELLing

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