Polarity - LEFT To The RIGHT Choice

By Lucid Vibrations | Poetry & SPELLing | 13 Aug 2020


Have to let em go, let em be!

On their own path of, self discovery.

It is painfully plain to see, can be no other way.

Souls desire will manifest regardless...anyway!

By the way, BUY the way! To fly away!

To a paradise soon to be forgotten!

Like lost T.V. episodes as children!

Remembered in the “in between” of lost memories and forbidden lucid dreams!

Individual and Universal boat ride!

Against and for the illusion of separation...

The magnetization toward ignorance to seek knowledge!

Now magnetized toward knowledge to decrease ignorance!

Needing both to understand the meaning!

LEFT to the RIGHT choice...

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Lucid Vibrations
Lucid Vibrations

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Poetry & SPELLing
Poetry & SPELLing

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