By Lucid Vibrations | Poetry & SPELLing | 24 May 2020


GROSS intentions and SPOILED love potions

Lavender Laced Leviathan Lotion
In the bucket on the skin
Tainted, merchants of emotions

Only $700.00 for an autograph!
On stage acting daft!

"It’s time to take that bath
It’s time to take that bath
It’s time to take that bath"

Yes, I did the math
The PIECES fit
Now, your just a PIECE of shit!

How much for a meet and greet?
I’d rather BEAT my meat while watching BEAT Street
Not on VHS but BETA, you are the opposite of THETA as you fly DELTA
Where you goin?
Your better off jerking off on the internet and blowin Joe Rogan!

Thought we were doing you a FAVOR.
Now, the pendulum for you, swings in opposite...FAVOR!

Worst than processed high fructose glyphosate laced GMO 31 flavors!
As you Bask In “ROB”INS, financially!

You remind me of WENDYS
When DEEZ NUTZ Come on ya chin!

Or do you prefer ALDI’s
All DEEZ NUTZ on ya chin?

Merchants of emotions prefer wall nuts, Wrangler jeans and small butts!
THEY enjoy the right to STRIKE YOU DOWN with copyright strikes over small stuff!
Too much is not...enough!

Apparently “wearing grudges like crowns” against their own, the KING MERCHANT of fiction!

Digital crucifixion!


Wrote this poem shortly after a company called Rico Management contacted me to remove a couple uploads I made that featured music from TOOL.THEY threatened to copywrite strike me if I did not remove them on my youtube account. The videos were of poetry I wrote that had the music of TOOL in the background. The guy from Rico management I spoke to said TOOL hired them to control their content on line. He actually said that "TOOL did not need their fans" essentially.

Have been a long time supporter of their art up until this incident occurred. Have not been able to listen to them ever since. To attack your own supporters using the very same “beast system” you write about is way out of line. Particularly when I was not making money from the videos. Have been offered money online but have never accepted it.

I share this because I feel it is important in our times who we give energy to and support. This includes artist. Dishonorable people are not worthy of support. So I sold all my TOOL merchandise on line and am going to burn the rest soon. Merchants of emotions who attack their fans do not deserve fans! I wrote a more detailed description of my experience and might share it another time. When the art becomes more about “control” than expression then the art has become tainted. You can tell a lot about a person or group by the poLIEcy they embrace and create. TOOL essentially supports the Lie while pretending to be about Truth. So if you see me reference TOOL in any of my other blogs or poetry this is why I am doing it.


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