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Dazed and confused while glued to digital sorcery screens like fiends in back alley ways waiting to turn tricks for a temporary illusionary quick fix, the embodiment of sickness!

Distracted by Korporate dances claiming life enhancements for human advancements was mesmerizing!

They did not want to know much more other than what was on the other side of the door of self satisfaction! Forgetting, the door opens inward as well.

So we fell, asleep, deep into a well of forgetfulness, regretfulness and self indulgence!

With valued memories of past purposefully wiped away we had nowhere to gauge proper direction!
So we chose to beLIEve ARTIST like CON! Professional liars mastering the art of deception!

Was less energy to simply beLIEve rather than think...
Not realizing, blind faith always causes ships to sink!

So, now under Mind Control, we chose what was sold to us as an easier road!
The slow trek of a technological terror was the first big error!

The “willful refusal” to listen and learn was when we started to burn! Even allowing scientism to create places like, CERN!

Surrounded by evidence of self destruction did not slow down production!
Of tainted goods to help us feel good while “under the influence” of illusion seduction!

Even then they would not listen and did not want to know, the spell was powerful!

They CHOSE to focus on the Truman show!
They Chose Disney!
They chose to play double reverse, mental frisbee!

They chose Oprah
They chose fluoride
They chose blood skies
They chose to slip and slide
They chose closed eyes
They chose to run and hide...from themselves

They chose, murder over sharing!
They chose, hatred over caring!
They chose, wine over clean water!
They chose, to molest sons and daughters!
They chose, to eat flesh and slaughter!
They chose, mental fodder!
They chose, IGNORance over intelligence!
They chose, irrelevance!
They chose, filth over cleanliness!
They chose, psychopaths to clean up the mess!
They chose, cowardness over bravery!
They chose, SLAVERY!

As the time dance beats on...

They still wouldn’t listen, they wouldn’t even take their vitamins!
Now mal-nutritioned, with mental atrophy, they start hissin...about the news, as the Truth sets in!

Now, angrily bafooned by Truths related to the dark side of moon!

Wishing, they would have listened!
Wishing, they would have learned!
Wishing for a quick death!

Now thirsty for knowledge once ignored that could have saved them!
Like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife!
The irony of access to millions of books but cannot see!
As the dance increases speedily!

What will we CHOOSE?

Freedom or slavery?
Cowardice or bravery?
External masters over self mastery?
Rhythm over chaos?
Vibrations of love over hate?
Balance over greed?

Then YOU “choose” the seeds to plant subconsciously!

Or, the worship of IGNORance disguised as bliss?

Effecting the Cause, Causing the Effect!

Of inhabitable habitat!

Through “right choice” WE, re-write the Epitaph!

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Lucid Vibrations
Lucid Vibrations

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Poetry & SPELLing

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