Ecoshift : Building a Scalable Supply Chain for Smallholder Farmers

By Xip | Various Subjects Ecoshift | 11 Jan 2024


I'm delighted to bring you the project.

Through this article by Tim Motch, published this morning on their website, discover the ecological and human issues supported by Ecoshift.



<< ECOSHIFT is building a sustainable path to agricultural production to benefit smallholder farmers.


A staggering 75% of the world’s poor are farmers.


Small farms (less than two hectares) are estimatd to account for 84% of all farms worldwide. They produce roughly 35% of the world’s food.





The scalable management model fuses traditional farming techniques, modern practices, and technology for responsible growth.


ECOSHIFT collects data to monitor and report on social, environmental and economic impact, fine-tuning objectives as necessary to benefit our farmers.

Transparent end-to-end supply chain verification and traceability comply with international standards.

Smallholder farmers (up to 10 hectares) work hard to feed us yet struggle to achieve fair market value for their produce and earn a living income. They are often exploited by buyers who flex their financial muscles, drive prices down or delay and even refuse payment.


Advocates for labour and human rights are working hard to raise public awareness and lobby for farmers. Many multi-stakeholder organizations have started offering certifications to farms that follow ethical practices. They aim to promote responsible business practices and encourage consumers to be more conscious of their choices. You may have noticed ethical labels on various products, from bananas to berries, coffee to cacao.


Nonetheless, gaps remain. Good intentions don’t always lead to better outcomes. Human rights continue to be compromised. As a result, the food in our supermarkets may not be as honest as the labels would like us to believe. >>


Continue reading Tim Morch's full article on their website to take part of this shifting in the way food gets from the field to your table :


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Various Subjects Ecoshift
Various Subjects Ecoshift

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