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What is Poet Doing Here?

By PinkGeeRough | Poetry and Writing | 12 Mar 2021

A couple of years ago, I had discovered cryptocurrency (I swear this is not yet another post about crypto), and because of that, I had focused on writing more as a way to earn crypto.

Eventually, I had pushed myself hard enough to learn poetry as a craft, refine it and publish poems in several journals. There was a problem: publishing poems in journals often pays in exposure - and exposure does not pay bills. It was not too long after my hard efforts to get published felt futile, as the few acceptances did not quite reward me, the author, fairly.

Combined with studying and a new job, my time for writing was gone, mostly because I did not have any more motivation to write. However, rediscovering blog spaces like this were authors are rewarded has encouraged me to dust off my drafts and look into publishing again. This time, I will stop aiming to use this as a tools into classical publishing. The opportunities are way too few and lacking, and not the right step for me. Instead, I will focus on posting poems & writing here.

I will start with sharing a micro-poem that was originally published on Theta Wave.

How to Make Me Fall in Love with You

your cigarette
      by twisting it
      on my thigh
& I will love you

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I'm a queer young adult from Malta who loves reading and writing (particularly poetry), as well as quite engaged as a gamer and streamer on Twitch.

Poetry and Writing
Poetry and Writing

This blog will contain poems, as well as posts in general relating to being a writer, poet and more.

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