“Rionnach Maoim”

“Rionnach Maoim”

By Jtfried | Poetry and prose | 29 Nov 2020


“Rionnach Maoim”
A Gaelic word meaning:
‘the shadows that clouds cast on moorland on a windy day.’
What a delightful word image,
How musical and
How like life.

Our “now” is but a passing thing.
Whether it be shadow or full sun,
Snow or rain.
Days of labor or days of fun;
Days of sorrow and pain.

All these things are
“But a
‘Vapor, seen in a mirror;

Let not your heart be troubled overmuch.
Times of joy seem to be fleeting,
Dour times…
Seem to last forever.

It is really all the same,
Just your perception
That makes the

“Rionnach Maoim”
Jerry E Smith 



[image source](https://pixabay.com/en/england-united-kingdom-landscape-92720/)


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Poetry and prose
Poetry and prose

For about 10 yrs, I've been creating original writings, coupled with images that I intended to be a compliment to the writings.

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