Let the Light Grow

By Jtfried | Poetry and prose | 21 Mar 2021

https://unsplash.com/photos/W-IuqDT0lhcThe morning arrives, edging out the night.
And the Light Grows.
You open your eyes, seeing without fright.
And the Light Grows.
Pushing aside hate, we reach out to each other
And the Heart Knows.
It’s never too late, to love your Brother.
And the Heart Knows.
Love is more Great, than feelings of Hate,
When realized, it Shows;
Open your eyes, push aside all the Hate
Listen with your Heart;

“Let the Light Grow”
Jerry E Smith

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Poetry and prose
Poetry and prose

For about 10 yrs, I've been creating original writings, coupled with images that I intended to be a compliment to the writings.

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