"Alone in the dark, buzzing" another entry into the addiction chronicles

By Jtfried | Poetry and prose | 20 Mar 2021

I had some work done at my house, well in my yard done yesterday.
At one point, I went into my studio to show off.
I turned on my PA and keyboard to show the young man who was the helper
What it is that I do in my music career.

Then last night, I was hurting, sore and itching from ant bites.
I self medicated, too much.
So today I didn't get out of bed until after 10 am. Very slouchy of me.
It was after noon; I went to the studio again to turn on the dehumidifier.

As soon as I walked in, I heard a sound, a buzzing.
I walked up to the stage and there, my keyboard and PA sat, still powered up.
It had been on all that time, sitting there alone in the dark,
Buzzing. I thought afterwards that this was quite profound.

So many of us with addictive natures, or pasts, tend to isolate.
If we pick up again, we want to hide the fact from family and friends.
So, we sit alone in the dark, Buzzing.
It is not really a pleasant experience, so why do we do it?

Jean-Paul Sartre said:
“If you are lonely when you are alone, you're in bad company.”

I guess that is me, I am in bad company.
Most of the time anyway.

I do try to be good, all the time. Most of the time,
I succeed, but there are those days...

“Alone in the dark, buzzing”
Jerry E Smith

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Poetry and prose
Poetry and prose

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