My love for you

By Farah ikram | Poetical words | 19 May 2021

From its very start,till its last edge..,
My love for you is boundless,
It increases day by day,
And it raises like its waves,
Huge and uncontrollable..!

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Its every drop is the sign,
Which speaks for my love,
Everything washes away,
With heavy rain and thunder,
Which is horrific and intense,
Except the affection in my heart..!

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The boundaries of my love are higher,
Like its majestic and gigantic loftiness,
It will always shine and glow,
Like the brightness of stars,
And radiance of Crescent which always glow...!!!

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Farah ikram
Farah ikram

Female Pakistani

Poetical words
Poetical words

Sometimes I love to write poetry.It's a best way to express my thoughts.Come and enjoy my poetry...!!

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