Heaviness of soul

By Farah ikram | Poetical words | 22 May 2021

Calmness of the night,

And the shining stars on the bright blue sky,

With Emerging darkness,

Heaviness of the heart and strain on the soul,

Seems the matter of the day,



Whenever it rains,

And clouds appears on the sky,

It comes to wash away the pain,

And the thunder of the neverending discomfort,

Which is increasing with each passing day..!



Dejected and depressed soul is now searching for peace,

Even in the little happenings and everything around,

This battle seems to be stay forever,

But courage is also increasing day by day..!!!

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Farah ikram
Farah ikram

Female Pakistani

Poetical words
Poetical words

Sometimes I love to write poetry.It's a best way to express my thoughts.Come and enjoy my poetry...!!

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