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his arms feel like armor when he holds me

cliche and everything we disliked

I want to be that role for him

the girl he cares for

this isn’t a poem

a love letter to the man who changed me


we met as children

chemistry instantaneous yet subtle

unlike everything else in our lives

we explored each other meticulously

took the time to pause and understand each other;

I fell I love with

your way of somehow making a whole room admire you,

the way you are relentlessly yourself

and how it always benefits you,

how intricate and complex your mind questions everything,

how you manage to make me feel more desirable than I’ve ever felt,

and how you and I just fit.



I can write pages on quirks on why I love you. But just know that I do.

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Poems by wolf
Poems by wolf

Random thoughts I have in the middle of the night.

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