Watch the Clouds with Me

Watch the Clouds with Me

Do you remember being a kid?
Do you remember passing time watching clouds go by

Making shapes and letting your imagination

Write stories and songs known only to yourself?

What happened my friend?
Can we ever go back to such a state?
Can we sit and draw together

Without framing it in artistic terms

What is art in the end? If not just you and me having a good day
You were born an artist, deep down you still are
For some reason though most people stop creating

And in so their soul slowly fades

What drives us? Should we just set ourselves like leaves in a river?
Follow the stream wherever it may be?
Should we swim against the current?
Should we try and break free?

Can’t you at least… take some time of your busy schedule
And watch the clouds with me?

The End.
you can see the final work with music, narration and art at:

and again if you are a poet, writer musician or artist looking to collaborate send me a message or find me at ;)

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The Art of Tomas
The Art of Tomas

A busker who performs in the streets of Sydney, born in Argentina delighting audiences of all ages with my music, drawings, poems, books and comics

Poems and thoughts
Poems and thoughts

I sometimes like to rhyme when I think, when the pen hits the sand, Where thoughts and soul combine, It is silly I know, but sillier would then be, to hear the siren song, and wilfully blind, refuse to answer the muses call. so here you can search and here you shall find wanderers of time and space collected all in on small place the feeling I once had the writings of mad creative man you might call it scribbles others might call it Art for me it's little more than an exercise to let my mind run wild.

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