Holy wow

Wait a minute, is my TLM actually worth a small fortune now?

By cMasta | pmcmasta | 11 Apr 2021

So this is why Alcor shut down the WAX/TLM exchange pair (I'm really glad they did)...

According to the graph above, the 2800 TLM I've got staked to planet Neri is worth over $10000 USD right now. WHAT!? I wish I hadn't sold so much for like 0.03 WAX, but I bet a lot of us could also say that about the BNB we spent on honest-to-goodness shitcoins (degen high-five).

Seriously, is this just because there currently isn't an exchange to sell it on, or do the big guys know that Alien Worlds is truly the game of the future? It seems we're going to have to find out ourselves.

So, hey, if the battle arena isn't a copy-pasta League of Legends, I'll be really disappointed... Then again, I quit playing that because it required way too much dedication to be good enough to compete in PvP matches, so I might actually be relieved. Will this end up being the same?

Either way, I have very high expectations now.

According to the Alien Worlds Medium, the teleport function is real and it's going online on April 13th. That's twelve days past April Fools' Day, guys.

I bet you're really happy if you've been playing the game honestly all this time. You can finally tell your mom that you got rich playing computer games.


... Unless it's all an elaborate psychological trip to make you think you need to hodl your AETHER...


... OR a trick to get more addresses on WAX, more people generating incentivized digital artwork, and more human souls for the Google deep-learning computer to eat.


My bet is on number two.

Feel free to send me any extractors or tools that you're not using anymore (3ffaw.wam).




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