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Lol everything else exploded while XRP was stuck at 38 cents

By cMasta | pmcmasta | 4 Feb 2021

Happy Bull Run! I'm really glad I decided to cut my losses on Ripple right now, and I hope you did the same. As expected, DOGE is not dead yet because Elon is still tweeting about it, and I made almost $5 trading the dips (while maintaining my position). Aww yeah. Life is better now. Given the vast number of tokens out there, chances are you can find at least one at any given time that will multiply your capital in the right direction... The challenge is picking it out of the crowd.

So fuck Ripple! (It's now trading about 40 cents though if you own some)

In the unofficial Telegram group on the morning of that big event, there was a guy that said he had invested his mortgage into XRP. He wrote that he would commit suicide on Facebook later that day. I haven't seen any news of this, so hopefully he made a smart move and moved his nearly-halved funds into something else like Kebab that would have then brought him back above his baseline. Or perhaps it was better for him to foreclose and start a nomadic life instead anyway. I feel like the media would have eaten up a story like that... Unless they were invested in Bitcoin, themselves... So hopefully he is okay.

Have you heard of $KEBAB yet? I was lucky enough to notice it when it was still just under $10 a pop. Right after the Ripple fiasco, it's kind of hard to trust anything, but this one looks like a sincere effort to improve Pancake. If you also noticed the insane returns available for staking this new cute food token, you were probably also very skeptical at first. After almost a whole day of following the Telegram and watching it battle $CAKE in price action, I solidified my position in this little gem. If you're still on the fence, here is an article put out by I fully expect this one to keep rising (holy WOW it's at $27 now), at least until $GYRO and $FALAFEL come along...

(Edit: A lot of people with significant positions dumped from around 23-1 UTC because there was a lot of FUD in the Telegram group. If you believe it's not a rug pull, now would be a good time to buy the dip :] )

Watching the BTC ticker for a little while after following some of these super-speculative tokens really makes me appreciate how powerful it is... That is, unless you have millions, the BTC doesn't care about your shitty little buy/sell order. An XRP-like event is not possible for these big tokens... At least not over the course of a few seconds, like we saw at precisely 7:30 AM EST.

There is a really interesting dynamic at play here with the top three tokens. You know, the ones at the top of the 'Markets' tab in Binance: BTC, ETH, and BNB.

As of February 4th, at around 4 PM UTC, we notice that more than half of the gains realized by BTC and ETH yesterday had regressed. Does this mean that there is a larger scheme at play, did the BSC just officially win the title of the mainstream blockchain of the medium-term future, or should we just buy the dip?

Go for it.


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