Can playz gaem and get crypto?

Can playz gaem and get crypto?

By cMasta | pmcmasta | 16 Sep 2020

Crypto people I got cool games for you:

Merge Cats is completely free unless you pay for SOUL tokens. You can get a lot of SOUL for free if you play every day. 

Here is my referral link (you can get 300 SOUL three times for referring):

Merge Cats


See, it pays pretty big! Not bad for a completely free game.


Lol actually you've been trolled. According to Atomic Wallet I have a lot more money than I spent. I have verified with the team that there is some sort of bug in the system.

Also I've been trolled because I just recommended a merger game -.- (it's pretty good though!)

Even so, Merge Cats is a really clean and smooth merger game and among the best faucets I've seen in terms of the value (haha, like more than a cent per day). I've got more tokens on the website but since they started a withdraw fee (which is reasonable) I've just been sitting on them there. You can get 50 SOUL/day in addition to a lot of exp bonuses.


If you are not on Rollercoin yet then here is my referral link:


I'm the guy on the computer, but actually on my phone.

I don't know about you but I like this one. Might get some Satoshis out of it in a few months, and it has a lot of Warioware-style games like crypto 2048 😂


I've played Splinterlands too but it seems like you have to be devoted to win Dark Energy. If you're the kind of person that really gets into card games then go ahead and check it out though. I see some depth in the battle system. I couldn't find a referral link for this one but that's okay.



Anyway yeah 😂

If you know of a good game, feel free to comment.

Also if you know whether DOGE is either heading for a comeback or is secretly DASH, let us all know.



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