By cMasta | pmcmasta | 26 Sep 2020

The fact that the Cannabis plant was outlawed at some point says something about humans. It produces a fiber that is leagues more environmentally friendly than both paper and cotton, it can treat or cure countless diseases, and it can get you high.

What the fuck man? It's illegal in half the world.

Plus even in Illinois where it is legal, it's more expensive and the police have to sit there and watch you buy it.

Certain molecules have interesting effects on humans, whereby the humans like them so much that they find ways to procure them and treat them as sacred in the same way that God is. In the same way, these molecules are often blasphemed and in turn blasphame their users. Caffeina is okay though. We're cool with her. Caffeine is one of the molecules that is so widely appreciated that no one is fighting over it. It's nice.

The whole thing is interesting but unsettling because we live in this very imperfect world. I wonder what my daughter will describe as normal in the future.

You think you can't change it sometimes but you literally are it. So you can change it a little.

Paul said:

You are inexcusable, man that judges;

When you judge another, you condemn yourself, for he that judges does the same things.

Romans 2:1

So yeah, the principle of correspondence in action. A lot of us have that issue.

It's just interesting I think. Meditate on that too.


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