Anyone can work for Google...

By cMasta | pmcmasta | 28 Apr 2021

It's no wonder Tesla's cars are crashing if they're relying on us to program their computers. Shoot, how many times a day do you mess up a captcha? I'm on WAX more than I'd care to admit so I do a lot of those things in a day. But I've watched other people do them, too, and even if no one accidentally clicks on the wrong box, some people just consider the stoplight to include the entire metal frame, and others consider it to only be the box that emits light.

Even I am inconsistent sometimes. Is that little piece of the crosswalk in the next box still part of the crosswalk, or not? Sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn't, according to me. I think that would be pretty confusing if I were a computer.

This is actually a job that we're doing, folks, and we are being paid for it, but it's kind of an important job so it's a shame that sometimes there's enough at stake to be completely irresponsible about it.

The good news is, the captcha recently asked me to pick from three parking meters and ALL OF THEM WERE ACTUALLY PARKING METERS! Good job, Google; maybe all of us Alien Worlds players are actually doing something useful!

Speaking of our brains also kind of being like really complex computers, is it weird that you can completely tell most of the time if a person is gay or bisexual or... queer? Do I just have a gaydar and a lot of men don't, or what? Of course, you can't be completely sure unless you just go up and ask them about their sexual orientation, which I don't usually do, but I think it's usually not hard to tell. Gay people are weird, but I guess you can't blame them for wanting someone to fit in with...

My daughter isn't that self-centered, and she's barely two years old... Of course, the natural progression from being fed milk every time you cry to now is still wanting to get your way if ever there's an alternative that you don't like... But, all things considered, my daughter is very considerate sometimes.

And that's all you can really hope for...


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