How Blockchain Music Platforms are left behind

As a co-founder of an independent Records label. I am very concerned about the future of music.

I am so glad that Blockchain is gaining more field, as many big names are investing in crypto and backing it up. Yet, still, no one cares about musicians. 

I don't know about you. But I don't think I would love my life and my everyday stress amount without music. And this music is not getting to me through Magic. It is something that was carved and made by an actual soul, often by many souls. These people are millions and all over the world. They have no more jobs. They can still produce, sing, compose, perform. Yet, nowhere to share that, nowhere to sell their art for what it is. 

Spotify, youtube, deezer, iTunes, ..and many more. Are leading the market down a to an end, through the miserable earnings they allow per stream, and the huge cut they take over per stream. Every country has a price, every stream has a nationality and a price set to specific values determined by who ?

Artists all over the world have been suffering and asking for help. What did the Blockchain Music Platforms to intervene ever since pandemic started and musicians started spending their savings, nothing. Nothing at all. 

Such a huge amount of demand, such needs. And no one dared approaching big names in the music industry. Why would these platform seek to recruit only independent unknown artists ? The only way to make it to the public, to raise interest and spread a music platform's values is by actually reaching out to quality content. Quality products, good mixing, a minimum of technology to check copyrighted material and to ensure all rights to real owners of the music. 

Wondering why these platforms never try to include labels, has only led me to think that they do not give a sip to what musicians need, nor what listeners need.

Music Streamers love youtube and spotify because they provide them with the music they like, the artists they already follow. And admit it or not, the majority of the people who drive a car or ride one at least twice a week listen to music on the radio. The music that makes it to radio stations isn't necessarily commercial music. It depends on the radio, on the show. It is important to know that having quality content submitted to your platforms will require many natural curators. It will require you to play by the rules of the actual market, and gain more aspects of it as your platfrom proves itself through a fair distribution of the crypto gains. 

I will not list any names, since I am very much disappointed and wouldn't like to judge any specific ones and forget about others. The very few Blockchain Music Platforms don't need my help. They are going down already... If they don't wake up to the Call ! 

I mean, the restrictions, the sudden changes worldwide, the huge amount of unemployed and inactive artists. Aren't these circumstances supposed to get those platforms running like a golden flood by now ? 

Artists need to get paid more fairly, and have more visibility and control over their earnings. They need to be more present on the web, and labels need their artists working and getting heard by actual people who are streaming for free so far. They need platforms

  • to receive song submissions from artists worldwide,
  • to distribute their tracks and digital music,
  • to secure payments to their artists,
  • to promote their artists,
  • to reach influencers worldwide,
  • to share profit with their fans 
  • To sell actual products  (Vinyl, clothing,..etc)


Although I read some news lately, about the weeknd's label "xo" taking over the billboard this year. I have been a fan of this artist since his very beginning. And I admire his strategy in the Music industry, that relies entirely on his unlimited talent. A very generous artist, hard worker and I am very glad to see such talented and smart skilled person enjoy such success. I decided earlier to draw a quick cachroal feather sketch of him as you can see on the image ⬆️


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