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Drawing a famous character : Baby Yoda

I'm not a big fan of Star Wars I must say.

Although when the tv show "Mandalorian" was launched, I was intrigued to see how Disney would approach it. 

The cinematic scenes were impressive.

But in the end, I loved one special character. One that I used to find very odd and unnecessarily mysterious... in the Star Wars Movie : Yoda. Who is now baby Yoda on the show. 

I know what you all might think : I'm so wrong to think so little of such a great SAGA. But I'm not here to throw a critique of something I didnt even thoroughly dig up into. 


So there I was thinking about a movie character to draw. And I thought about Baby Yoda ! 

I truly admire the passion and love that are held by Star Wars fans. I decided to draw my first famous fiction character. And here is the result 


While working on this character, I learned a lot about it. More about its physionomy. I believe that the more you approach it more objectively the more you get it right. I think that baby Yoda is way cuter than a lot of other sci-fi characters. Something about his eyes. And of course, the fact that it is a baby ... but not really ? Is it a baby? Or is it like Benjamin button..? 

If you have any other favorite characters that you would like me to draw, please write them in a comment bellow 🥰👇

I don't know what you guys think about my start in Illustration (I started drawing on Adobe Illustrator using a pen tablet since the first lockdown, every now and then) but please don't be shy, I can take some criticism objectively ! 

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Sarra Geist
Sarra Geist

Chief Editor of Cazanation magazine. Writer. Fr & En copywriter. New tech and crypto enthusiast. I love to write! That's my thing

Janis Casablanca aka Plume Lucide
Janis Casablanca aka Plume Lucide

FRENCH/ENGLISH Bienvenue au recueil désordonné. Welcome to my personal blog. Here I write about my thoughts and everything that goes through my brain. Ayez accès à un cerveau nu entre les lignes. Rendez-vous à chaque fois que mon cerveau accouchera des mots capables de vous ramener à vous même.

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