Daily Earth Quest and Back in Bronze II!

By Plint | Plints Splinterlands | 24 Dec 2021

Afternoon all! I had a good day, managed after struggling at the beginning to get out of Bronze III I am now back in business in Bronze II


Renting to Bronze II

So I only have 255 CP myself (I know, sad times, but I am really trying here!) So I rent my way to Bronze II. I am currently renting two legendaries that I use as well, because might as well make a use of it!

I rent Doctor Blight, which I love! He has been very useful to me. If he wasn't so expensive I would buy him.

The other card I used was Djinn Biljka an earth legendary that goes pretty well with the earth deack I will show you in a bit

The Earh Daily Quest

Did I tell you yet that I love playing with Earth splinter? I love it! As much as I used to love the Water magic deck, I think I just love magic decks.

So without a doubt Obsidian is the best summoner for earth. I mean I think it's my favorite summoner overall!

As a tank I still use the Unicorn Mustang.

But after that I did tweak my deck a bit. I found out the Goblin Psychic is nice, but a tad vulnerable sometimes because of its lack of health. The Regal Peryton is actually better! Because of its flying ability it avoids a lot of damage!

After that I like to bring in one or both of my legendaries. Not just to show them off of course, they are pretty good!

Watch a battle here: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_136bc2c44e724b13bfa6501b31ef0ac2&ref=plints

And If you are keen to join the game (which you should) here is my reference: https://splinterlands.com?ref=plints

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Plints Splinterlands
Plints Splinterlands

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